Battlefield Promotion

"JASON!" I screamed aloud. My foot falls echoed throughout the corridor. Crewman made way, or were bowled over as I made my mad dash. The fool! What did he think he was doing!? His shuttle would never make it. Even if it did, how would he escape? Then it dawned on me, he didn't intend to escape. I tried to pick my pace up, frantic now in my pursuit. I burst through the hatch as soon as it opened, just in time to see his shuttle take off. I slapped my badge with fury, "Stop that shuttle, tractor it!" The response was almost immediate.

"Belay that order, Commander Seafort is not yet in command." Jason cut off his communicator. I watched, dumbfounded, as his shuttle streaked away from the Hibernia. Closer and closer, it came to the Tholian vessel.

"Jason, no..." I said to myself. Then, eons later, his communicator reactivated.

"I, Captain Jason Seafort, do hereby relinquish command to Nicholas Seafort. This is effective immediately. Good luck brother, for yo..."

The shuttle slammed into the side of the Tholian carrier, it's shields too weak to prevent it. I watched the horror unfold through the shuttle bay's force field. The detonation was massive. Hull plating flew from all around the impact site, and secondary explosions blossomed within the ship.

"NOOOO!" I pounded on the force field again and again, willing it all to stop. Wary crewman began to approach. I sagged to my knees, my body racked with sobs. Jason was dead, my brother...was dead.

After a time, I stood. A strange kind of numbness had settled over me. I heard my own voice, as if from far away, "Bridge, this is the Captain. Prepare to go to warp."