Borg Encounter - Beta Ursae

=/\=”Computer, begin recording. Encode and send to Commanding Officer, U.S.S. October.
Sir, en-route to Deep Space 9 for supplies, an ASB was received by Lieutenant Lawson, which stated that Borg presence was confirmed in the Beta Ursae Sector, and any and all Federation vessels were to drive them out. A course was plotted and immediately laid in, after which I relinquished control of the Bulwark temporarily to Commander Athini, while I manned the helm. I believe that I do not have the command experience or the tactical experience to lead a ship into combat with the Borg. It is something I will see to in the stations Holodeck as soon as I get back. The Bulwark joined a waiting force that included two Defiant Class Escorts, a Galaxy Class Cruiser, and an Odyssey Class Tactical Cruiser. The opening engagements were relatively simple, as the squadron focused firepower on one Borg ship at a time. At that time, the Bulwark had suffered no damage and no casualties. However, the Borg command vessel for the sector arrived shortly after, and everything went downhill…The opening salvo of the command ship struck one of the Defiant Class’s port nacelle, and the ship was lost immediately after. Bulwark initiated CSAR and formed up with the Galaxy to draw fire so the Odyssey Class and the remaining Defiant Class could retreat. However, one of the command ship’s plasma bolts struck the Galaxy Class, on Deck 1…a follow-up salvo finished off the ship. The Bulwark Indefatigable and Alaska began to engage on random vectors but it was no use. The Bulwark was hit multiple times, but after immobilising the Bulwark, the command ship left. The Alaska towed Bulwark to DS9, with Indefatigable escorting.
On arrival at DS9, Commander Athini ceded command back to me.
Bulwark casualty and damage list:
112 crewmen injured, 32 severely
17 crewmen killed.
Hull breaches on deck 3, 4, 7, 13 and 17.
Primary port impulse engine offline.
Fore port torpedo launcher destroyed.
Dorsal saucer phaser array’s 1-4 offline
Ventral saucer phaser array 1 and 4 offline.
CENG believe’s Bulwark will be operational in 24 hours, with assistance from DS9 repair crews.
Enclosed is Bulwark at DS9, upper pylon 2.
Computer end recording, and transmit to Captain Morton, U.S.S. October. =/\=

=/\= Recorded video transmission, beginning. =/\=

*Coby sits on the edge of his desk, sleeves of his TFA jacket rolled up, looking down at the numerous reports he has to go through. He looks up towards the camera*

"Kurt...* as he speaks with a low soft voice, he pauses* Lieutenant Commander, I think we need to discuss this in person. I have numerous files I have to sign off on this, Vice Admiral Jeska is getting much more nervous about this whole exercise. You did the best thing handing over to Commander Athini, it takes deep thought to know when to pause. I have spoken to her, and she has praised you highly. She has however, due to the situation, requested assignment back to the October, and quite frankly I understand. As I said, I think it would be better that we meet aboard DS9 and discuss things more detailed and formally,

=/\= End of recording =/\=

((You did awesome, for RP reasons, the meet up would just explain some more serious stuff, and maybe go into some more arrangements that would help avoid crew loss etc - dive into some emotional context, that sort of stuff. Other than that, after wards I'm sure Kurt'll be able to remain in command ---- side note, do you have any suggestions that would make this arrangement better? I was thinking after, say two more reports we could stop that, and then you could lead it to a conclusion that you'd be happy with, for example gaining full command of the Bulwark - :d ))
*Lieutenant Commander, message coming in from Commanding Officer, U.S.S. October." The communication officer reports. Kurt sighs, before standing. "Patch it through to my ready room, Lieutenant." *Kurts rises from the command chair and walks towards the ready room, stopping just before and looking at the bridge once more, before continuing on. He sits at the desk and opens the transmission. After watching silently for several moments it finish's.
"Computer begin visual transmission. Encode and transmit to U.S.S. October."
=/\= Recording Begins=/\=
Kurt looks at the recording device, his eyes dull, a small scar under his eye. "Sir, I will await you on Deep Space 9. More than likely, I will be in Operations, preparing the Bulwark for her next CO. I completely understand Commander Athini's request, a Dreadnought is a safer posting than a transport ship under the command of a wet behind the ear's lieutenant. I will await you at ops sir."
=/\=Recording ends=/\=

(I was thinking of undergoing the Command version of the Kobayashi Maru with the October observing, there is a foundry mission that will allow that. Then based on that, we see if I keep command or not.))
=/\= Message recording - recipients: *classified* - *classified* - *Lieutenant Commander Boyson* =/\=

Report detailing Lieutenant Boyson's run through the Kobayashi Maru scenario.

-Requested clear instructions and advice from senior crew before continuing;
-Attempted to contact Klingons and maintain a peaceful conclusion;
-Ordered crew to only targeted non-lethal ship sections;
-Jammed Klingon transmissions;
-Rescued 62% of Kobayashi Maru crew;
-Cleared Kobayashi Maru of boarding parties using lethal force;
-Kobayashi Maru destroyed via self destruct device /debatable/ -

-Beamed majority of ship crew to unarmed, unshielded, and immobile target;
-Did not pay attention to surrounding, allowing Klingons to board Kobayashi Maru;
-Lost 72% of the Bulwarks crew beamed to Kobayashi Maru;
-Kobayashi Maru was lost;
-Klingon raiding parties were allowed considerable time on board the vessel;
-Didn't take the XO's formal objection seriously - continued without officially allowing the crew to hoist their opinions -

Final Recommendation:

After evaluating the simulation, Boyson appears to have performed admirably. The loss of the Kobayashi Maru however counts the simulation as a fail. The loss of more than 50% of civilians and Bulwark crew counts as a fail. However of course... the simulation is un-winnable.

It is the recommendation, of the senior staff present aboard the U.S.S. October - that Acting Lieutenant Commander be given serious consideration in being given his own command, and permanent position aboard the U.S.S. Bulwark. If it is the belief of - *classified* - that LT CMDR Boyson is unsuited for the command of his own vessel, may we state that he is an exceptional pilot - and would be best suited on board a familiar ship to him, such as the U.S.S. Bulwark.

However --- The Bulwark is a transport ship, and I would prefer to see it remain suited for it's purpose. After the Borg incident and the mass loss of crew, I would like it to be stated I personally believe he should be monitored by a more senior official from Star Fleet command - and I can't secure the safety of those on board his vessel. I hereby formally object to his participation in any further combat situations that may occur in the upcoming months, and declare that the Bulwark must consult the nearest star-ship /and/ fleet - to report the signs - so that they may then tame the matter at hand. If caught violating this ruling, a court hearing will be ordered, and probability of command being withdrawn.

Coby Morton
Captain, U.S.S. October.

=/\= Message recording end- recipients acknowledgment: *classified* - *classified* - *Lieutenant Commander Boyson* =/\=
=/\= Message received by LT CMDR Boyson, ACO, U.S.S. Bulwark. Reply as follows:
Sir, I understand and thank you for your command recommendation. In regards to the terms put forth, from this date, U.S.S. Bulwark will stay true to her role, and will only engage targets in a self-defence manner ONLY. Any distress calls received will be forwarded to both Starfleet Command, and Task Force Argo base. Until I am relieved or court-martialled, I will continue to captain the Bulwark on supply runs between Sol, Bajor, Deep Space 9 and the Task Force Argo Headquarters.
Message ends. =/\=
((when you read this, I had an idea that will get me command, on a permanent basis, but will require, you me, and 3 other people.))
(( Okay, sure! That sounds awesome, coolio, hollar me a message when you want to RP!))
((I was thinking of waiting till there were at least 5 people on, then putting forth the idea.))
((My recommendation is set a date/time to do it (maybe during Gamma Shift Fleet Night this Saturday) as opposed to looking for when 5 people are on. Because you might run into issues where people are only rotating DOFFs or don't have time to do your event, etc. And, there may be some (like me) that would really like to participate and could work to ensure I am available if you schedule it. Just a recommendation.))
((Oooohh that's a good point. Allright then, as soon as I can get back in game I'll work out a time.