Captains Log - Gavin Jackson


I have successfully transferred to Task Force Argo from my prior post on New Romulus.

It is abundantly clear to me that this new post will have its challenges as it is already comprised of officers who have a long term working relationship with each other.

To that point I have begun plans to expand the star bases engineering capacity. I have committed all the available resources at my disposal to facilitate the upgrade and hope to see it through to fruition.


It appears due to my new posting there have been concerns raised in the Andorian senate about the potential loss of an Andorian Kumari as part of a Starfleet Task Force.

Apparently, the combined fears of potentially losing their advanced weapons technology as well issues about the 'role' the Andorian escorts play in Starfleet operations are key concerns.

Due to this the U.S.S. Mackenzie King is assigned to port at Starbase 24 until the issues are resolved.


Being a Captain without a ship nor crew is disheartening. My efforts have always been in the parameters of Starfleet regulations. Simply because I have recorded many combat encounters is not indicative of anything other than the times we live in.


I requested a hearing with Starfleet command in order to rectify the situation with my starship.

Starfleet was unable to sway the Andorians and have instead named me 'Acting Captain' of a retrofit Excelsior Class Cruiser allowing me to in a strange twist to be Captain of both ships.

My Andorian crew will hold the Kumari at Starbase 24 while the U.S.S. Pierre Trudeau will be picking me up en route to DS9 as part of a pre-planned supply run.


Task Force Argo conducted a joint operation with MACO Team 34 from the 26th Fleet.

Lt. Commander Quaen and I participated in this action which was under command of Matt Svenson of the 26th.

The operation involved extraction of a team from a Borg controlled planet. The operation was completed with only minimal damage to Fleet vessels due to a Borg ambush during the operation. One of the MACO team operatives was hurt during the operation.



The retrofit Excelsior I have been assigned proved its toughness in this encounter. I attempted to harass enemy forces into focusing on my cruiser so that the other two escorts with me could attack without reprisal. There were mixed results and one injury sustained by the 26th.

In time I hope to better refine this tactic so as to provide a presence on the battlefield large enough to distract and then incapacitate any opposition. I should discuss this plan/tactic with a knowledgeable security officer when possible.