Captain's Log, USS Paladin

Captain's log, Stardate, 93282.01, we are en-route to deliver supplies to various Federation aligned Colonies in the Alpha Quadrant. Specifically colonies in the Draylon and Minos Korva Sectors. Along with delivering supplies we will be presenting a Federation presence by having the supplies delivered via a Starship rather than normal freight haulers.

Our trip is expected to take ten days. Each colony we deliver to will also receive a visit from members of the Command staff to serve as a diplomatic envoy so that they may present any issues to a Federation Representative in person. We will also be providing a defensive presence that should deter any renegade groups looking for an easy score for supplies.

On a personal note, I cant argue the logic of the plan, only the sense in using the Paladin for such a role. Paladin is a combat vessel after all. While we do have a significant cargo hold, larger ships would serve all the needed roles far better. Able to carry more supplies and make a much more grand presence. Such as it is I intend to make use of this cruse, Commander Ramsey has done an excellent job keeping the crew at peek performance and I would like to see how much room for improvement there is.

Starting in the next few days I intend to run a few drills and see just what we have to work with.

**Supplemental Entry**Stardate: 93287.34**
Today we ran a battle stations drill. Just to keep them hopping I made it more interesting than normal. The battle station drill they expected and managed to accomplish in what would have been an excellent time. That was not my intention however. Near the end of the battle station drill when we were at seventy-five percent ready I had my Chief Engineer simulate a total system failure. I am pleased to report that the crew adjusted very well in such an instance. Few expect a drill within a drill, the crew remained calm and acted as professional as I could hope. The total elapsed time for the drill was twenty four minutes.
Captain's Log, Stardate, 93290.21, we should be in range to receive the first colonies contact beacon. Communications reports no such contact. Not even a return on the subspace repeater. As such I have ordered Yellow alert. Given the current times I feel its more than prudent to expect trouble, be it Heralds, Elachi, or Pirates. It could also be a simple malfunction and I am going to hope for that. We are approximately twelve hours out, and should have an answer soon.

Records indicate our first stop has approximately 3,500 colonists. A small early stage group on a moon orbiting a gas giant. There is every possibility that this is only a technical problem on there end as they have not received a visit from a Federation Ship in about a year. The system could simply be in disrepair. Time will tell.

**Supplemental Entry**
We have arrived and found the colony has suffered an event. A particle fountain of sorts had erupted from the surface of the gas giant. The orbit of the colony sight brought it inline with the events fall out. Currently Medical evacuations are underway. I have ordered a large amount of the cargo to be jettisoned so we can turn the cargo bay into a triage area. Paladin is not equipped to provide aid to these numbers.

2257 survivors. The colony site itself is irradiated. Our best chance seems to be to make for Deep Space 9. We are calling ahead to see if any ship in the area can provide intercept and take over the survivors. Paladin's life support systems can only provide for 500 people for a limited time.
Captains log, Stardate 93293.80, we have meet up with the USS Ari'Degult. They thankfully have the space and means to tend our colonists. I am requesting a Science vessel be deployed to study the incident in detail, and perhaps prevent another such disaster should any followup colony be started. We are currently en-route to the drop location for the supplies I had jettisoned to make space for those people. With luck no scavengers have been by to take opportunity of our improvised solution. Once the collection is made we will make best speed for the second colony on our route.
Captains log, Stardate 93335.06, we are approaching the second Colony on our tour, after having recovered the jettisoned cargo. This orbital colony houses approximately 9,000 residents and is very pleased with our impending arrival as a supply shortage has been an issue for the past month. The situation has not gone beyond controllable means however and our delivery plus the extra meant for our first stop should put them in a a much better situation.

The director of the Colony has asked for a few minutes of my time to address the security issues they face. The colony itself is not equipped for any kind of serious attack and there have been reports of Elachi ships roaming the sector. I will be leaving Commander Ramsey in charge of the supply effort and have her conduct a Security Audit of the facility during the meeting. Once both the Audit and the meeting are concluded we will remain on station for a day to help sort out the information. Be it an adjustment to the defensive systems, the presence of support combat craft or even a Starship presence.
Captains log, Stardate 93340.32, With the Orbital Colony's Security Audit completed we have made a few recommendations and adjustments to the defensive systems. The system is old by most standards but serviceable for the needs. I would like to recommend that this station, designation 'Free hold' by he locals, be posted on a regular patrol routine, either by craft from DS 9 or DS 13. This would ensure their continued Security and safety. It would also allow us to monitor the situation on the station.

During the course of our inspection there was an incident in the main promenade of the stations reception deck. A group of locals, approximately ten to fifteen started to exchange blows, some even assaulting the Security staff. Paladin Security teams were sent to help sort the matter. The resulting investigation brings to light the troubling fact that the Iconians have supporters amid the civilian populations. Currently in Paladin's brig I hold two individuals who appear to have been behind the disturbance. The stations Director felt it might be best if such motivating leaders were not kept on station. Fearing reprisal from the followers they have, it is believed that with out the charismatic nature of these two individuals the group will falter. I can only hope.

We will begin our final leg of this patrol, heading towards a small Research Post studying a budding Nebula. A brief stop there to off load a few new probes and supplies and we will be turning for home. Our estimated return to DS 13 is 2200 hours this Tuesday.
Captains log, Stardate 93344.30, repairs are under way aboard the Paladin. After the attack on the Herald Sphere we had to limp home at about warp three. Upon arrival at Deep Space Thirteen I ordered all engineering teams to start full repairs. We have multiple hull breaches and several systems off line. We are still operational, just not well enough for the current situation.

**Supplemental Entry**

My Engineers advise we will have all but the sensor grid back on line by 1400 hours today. The hull breaches are significant but most are in sections we can close off for the time being. Repairs are under way on them but they hold a low priority. I am directing all resources to getting our sensor grid back online.

As for the remainder, we are currently down a cannon pod and our cutting beam is offline. Possibly going to have to replace it completely. Torpedo launchers are damaged as well. Only half are working. Currently there is no time frame for the cannon pod or the torpedo assembly to be back online.
Captain's log, Stardate, 93693.02, we have returned form the shakedown run and I have to say I am impressed with this new Paladin. She has a few gremlin's, likely inherited from her predecessor, but nothing that cant be chased down. We departed Deep Space Thirteen about an hour behind schedule though it was unavoidable. The first and second Officer were tied up with other details but I did finally manage to meet the new Tactical officer and head of Security, a Lieutenant Moore. She has seen a lot in her career and I think she'll be a fine fit to the crew. Once Starfleet manages to get her personnel file put together she'll officially be posted on the crew roster with Argo Command.

Now then, as for the gremlin's mentioned earlier. Apparently faulty EPS lines are still a plague at the ship yards. We burnt one out attempting to power the forward cannons. We got around the issue in order to conduct the weapons test but in an actual event I'd rather not pull form the shields. On the subject of the weapons test, forward torpedo tube three jammed during loading. The fail safe kicked in and deactivated the torpedo but there is still the matter of the jam itself. Engineering says its an issue with a position sensor. The warp drive is a bit touchy, we ran at warp seven easily enough but I noted some power fluctuations and helm reported some feed back issues. So our max as yet to be tested.

Otherwise everything went well. The Multi-Vector test went off with out a hitch and all the systems coordinated beautifully. The supply drop at April's Landing had no issues either. All in all a good test run, and engineering says they will have our gremlin's chased down in no time. We should be able to max out the Warp drive any day now and finish up the last items on our first patrol.
Captain's Log, Stardate 93747.60, The Paladin has departed Deeps Space Thirteen and is currently en-route to the Khitomer Sector to conduct patrols. There has been some reports of raiders in the area as well as a considerable amount of hostility among the colony worlds found here. Both sides of the Federation-Klingon border have worlds that are receiving relief supplies from the Federation, and of course, both are claiming the other is being treated better. It is hoped that the presence of a Federation ship will help to calm the situation as we will be monitoring the relief supply ships as well. Thus showing the Klingon Empire that we are upholding our agreement to send aid, and showing the Federation Colonies that the Federation is paying close attention to who is getting what supplies. This is the theory at least.

**Supplemental Entry**
We have detected a distress call form the SS Mercy, a relief supply ship known to operate heavily in the Khitomer sector. We are diverting course to render any aid we can.
**Additional Entry**
Scans show that the crew of the SS Mercy have not survived. The ship was attacked with disruptor weapons and had its cargo ripped out of its hull. There were thirty relief workers on that ship, I'll never understand such a waste of life. We have detected a battle occurring nearby and are currently en-route, its seems a Colony defense ship and a Klingon Bird of Prey are trading blows. It is to near to not be connected.

**Supplemental Entry 2**
We have a developing situation. The Captain the Colony defense ship SS Sentinel, a Commander Tek, is blaming the attack on the SS Mercy on the Klingons. Not to be outdone, the Klingon Captain, Dorg by name, claims his ship is only carrying supplies that was meant for worlds on the Klingon side of the boarder. He did admit to recovering the supplies from the SS Mercy, but stated the crew were already dead when they arrived. While angry Captain Dorg is willing to let the attack by the Sentinel go, apparently seeing it only as doing their duty with poor information. He has agreed to let a team of my officers come aboard to confirm his story, as well as render aid to get his ship on its way quicker, to avoid further misunderstanding. Apparently he is thinking bigger picture, and doesn't want this to affect the Aid Agreement. Its a stretch to trust him in my opinion but, necessary. My Officers are of course going armed and will have a transporter lock on them at all times. I'm sure the Klingons are aware of this and even expect it, hence keeping them 'honest'.

**Supplemental Entry 3**((Yes this should have been done a month ago but RL and RP seem to not be getting along so..Ya. Timey-wimey-stuff))
While the away team was on the Klingon ship two other Colony Defense ships arrived to support the Sentinel. They proceeded to fire on the bird of prey and I ordered an emergency beam out. Upon arrival on the bridge Commander Ramsay advised me that the Klingon's had been buying supplies from other colonies, by selling them weapons. We were then forced to defend the Klingon Ship, which caused the Sentinel to fire upon the Paladin. No damage was caused however to protect Federation property, the safety of my crew, an allied vessel, and prevent civilian injuries I ordered return fire at their weapon systems. Once the Sentinel was out of the fight the other two ships attempted to flank us. We then went into multi vector mode and were able to stand them down with no further shots fired. The Sentinel did attempt to ram us, and thanks to the Second Officer and an aid form Engineering they were disabled by a directed EMP pulse from our Omni phaser bank. Once the civilian ships withdrew we attempted to locate the bird of prey. It was gone with a recorded message left adrift, basically stating that the Captain of the ship would not be submitting a report so as to protect the Aid agreement.

It was reported to me that some of the items on the Klingon ship came from April's Landing. Given the previous trouble we had encountered there from civilians attempting to claim aid shipments, and the work I over saw to end that, this situation is troubling. I also take it a bit personally. Further investigation will be the main priority. Special notes of Commendation for Lieutenant Commander Zalvo and Engineer S'arr for the quick thinking leading to the use of the directed EMP weapon, and for Commander Ramsey for her investigation effort aboard the Klingon Bird of Prey. All three have conducted themselves in a manner consistent with the Highest standards of Starfleet, and the high standards I expect of my crew.
((Previous Log added to since it was the same RP))
Captains log, Stardate (Pending), we have arrived at our designated location along the Terix Border. So far the blockade has seen no activity of note. A few ships did take notice of our presence and match our position on the Terix side of the border. They stood down after a couple hours, or were recalled. In either case thus far the situation has been stable. After a quick off load of our relief supplies meant for our long tour patrol we were on station in less than five hours. I commend my officers for their speedy work and dedication.

Operation Clock, +32.5 hours, Supplemental entry.

More than thirtytwo hours and there has been no reported activity of significance along the border. Our last trip here escorting the Ambassador's shuttle was more involved. If this trend continues another eight hours I am going to strongly consider a few special drills just to break the tedium. I'd rather not wait till complacency sets in to deep on my crew.
Captain's Log, Stardate 94171, the Paladin is currently underway escorting a small supply convoy to the Boreth Sector. I am eager to see how some of the crew conduct themselves as this will be their first time at some stations. Time will tell. The six ships of the convoy group are all older models so our progress will be a slow and leisurely one. Plenty of time for the crew to settle in and get some good cross training in.

**Supplemental Entry. +7 hours Operational time. Ship Status: RED ALERT**
We have had to drop from Warp, the SS Majesty is reporting warp field troubles and problems in her engineering bay. I've sent two officers over to see about repairs. Meanwhile I have Paladin at full alert as we were buzzed by an unknown fighter craft shortly after dropping form warp.

Paladin is at Red Alert and we are currently tracking a contact at maximum sensor range. Sooner or later we will have to break to get a better feel for what's going on. The Away team reports possible sabotage to the Majesty' warp core. If this is true we have larger problems than I initially felt.

**Supplemental Entry. +8 hours Operational time. Ship Status: Green, minimal battle damage**
We are back enroute to our destination. The mother ship of that scout did attack and launched several small craft. All of which attacked the Majesty. One managed to dock with her and send over borders. My officers were pinned down but managed to gain control of the situation by trapping them in a force field near the core. At this point the borders suicided via some self immolation device.

The mothership broke off after sustaining significant damage from the Paladin. Once the Majesty was ready to go I sent over a Security team to hunt for the saboteur that my officers were convinced was there. Too much intentional damage to systems to cause the warp failure. As of yet they report nothing but, I still can't rule it out.

The rest of the trip seems to be going as planned, we will shortly be at the drop off point for the supplies. Then its maximum warp for home. Lieutenant Mirez and Ensign Troik both conducted themselves well while being under fire and performed the repairs quickly. I am pleased with both officers performance today.
Captain's Log, USS Paladin.

We are currently enroute to an isolated system to asses the possible damage done to its people by a created biological agent. An hour ago a Federation shuttlecraft exited warp near Deep Space thirteen, on board was an unknown alien species. This individual was terminally ill, Medical staff giving them approximately thirty six hours to live. After some doing his home world was located, and it was theorised that a healthy sample from one of his own people could provide a cure. Our ETA is approximately nineteen hours at maximum warp, though I plan to push the engines a bit.

The situation is complicated however by the extenuating circumstances. This man's people are pre-warp. Under any normal circumstances the Prime Directive would firmly state we could not interfere. However, the situation is already contaminated by the fact that this individual was deposited on our door step via a shuttlecraft. Federation make no less, and further compounding the issue is the distinct impression that this is a purposeful bio-attack. The alien was recently tattooed with a vulcan phrase as well, 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.'

I was unable to gather all the information relevant to the attack but the jist of it seems to come down to former Commander Keth being responsible. Something about demanding her copies back. I'll not hazard a guess as to what the whole of this mess is about. However, since the suspect is former Federation, and the alien was dropped off in a Federation shuttle we have little choice but to act in an effort to see what cultural contamination has occurred.

I plan on having Paladin drop out of warp outside the target solar system. Then we can conduct long range scans and get a feel for the situation. Part of me fully expects to run across Keth, or some ally, keeping watch over this little planet. There is every possibility of a hostile encounter. A such all stations are at Yellow Alert. Should there prove to be no over watch, we will find the best way to proceed and collect the samples for Deep Space Thirteen Medical to synthesize a treatment. If this is a global effect, we will attempt to gather as much information as we can, and perhaps in that a cure can be found.

I am expecting a subspace message from Command soon, either recalling Paladin or filling in the missing information.