Cheap Knockoff of the Briggs-Myers' Personality Test

72 question survey. I'm curious about the fleet wide results.

A quick overview on them all is here!

After taking that survey....what are you~?
INTJ - The Scientist... Ironically enough I also ended up taking a DISC Assessment from my Job recently and ended up with a Creative Pattern
INFJ- The protector. That can't be right... :p
This is relevant:

One thing that's nice about the test that Sky linked is that it shows % breakdowns. Like in my case, I was 56% "J" instead of "P", so that just shows you it's not really a binary choice between one or the other.

Having said that, it's still pretty entertaining to take them. XP
INFJ. My differentiation between Introverted and Extroverted was very slight (being < 11%) and my differentiation between Intuition and Sensing was quite high (being > 60%). The other two categories were only moderately separated from one another, at around 30% difference.

A few years ago I took a more exhaustive Jung test and came up with very similar INFJ results, though at that time all four categories were separated by only a few percent.
ENTJ - Basically, you even consider removing a stapler from my desk and then have the cheek to put it on the middle shelf and not the top where there is clearly a space for it- You're as good as dead. You disorganized people *points* Plus side, Apparently I am driven to lead. Look out world. :roll:
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... yes, IRL I have actually gotten into a full fueled argument over a stapler before. My patience can get quite thin, which is where the unicorns come into it.

EDIT: I did this based on "me", but saying that, I believe the result would be similar either way.
::resists urge to link Office Space::
Is this for us or for.. our characters? Because IRL I am totally an ENFP
OOC! At least.... I did OOC. :p
I meant OOC! And I know it had percentages, Kat, but I can't poll percentages! :d