Clarifications and Reminders

Security Level 1 - Open

TO 38th/Commanding Officers
CC 38th/Command

SUBJ Clarifications and Reminders


I have three items to go over with all of you.

First, there have been several questions on the topic of 'Starbase Defense' vessels. That category as it was no longer exists. 38th Fleet vessels are expected to be patrolling our area of responsibility. That said, there will always be vessels docked or in orbit of the station for various reasons, be they crew transfers, shore leave, or repairs. These ships, per previous orders, must remain at 50% staffing and are expected to respond to any situation that requires defensive action in the vicinity of Deep Space 13. These vessels are still under Fleet Command, and not Base Command. This is a standing order in effect at all times. The only vessels directly under starbase command are Atlantis and Asimov, and their use in an emergency may or may not be practical. As such they have been re-designated as starbase support vessels.

Second, Starbase Command has posted a notice regarding living quarters aboard base. If you or any of your crew members have yet to vacate consider this message orders to do so immediately. All visits to Deep Space 13 from starship personnel are to be temporary in nature. Berthing concerns on your specific vessel should be brought to the attention of Rear Admiral Konieczko immediately.

Finally, Starbase Command has also reached out to me regarding concerns over interference in routine starbase operations. The nature of the message was broad, but it stands to reason a specific event engendered the message. The starbase operates on an independent command structure. Officers from starships, regardless of rank, do not have any jurisdiction on base. For all intents and purposes you are guests aboard station, as station personnel are aboard your respective vessels. Act accordingly while on base and do not interfere unless specific permission is granted by a senior starbase officer.

Vice Admiral Enzian Amiri
Commanding Officer, 38th Fleet