Close Examination of Captured Branded Lady Outpost

After the successful seizure of the infamous Branded Lady's outpost, Starfleet and the KDF now have access to more information about her operational plans and her technology, including a cloning facility used to breed her signature clone soldiers. Experts are required to examine this facility and recover any useful intelligence from it.


GM / OOC Contact: @anncarise, @crystyll

IC Location: Branded Lady Outpost, Minos Korva Sector

OOC Requirements: Open to anyone who wishes to join!

OOC Notes: Due to the nature of what is being investigated, science, intel and engineering characters will be the most needed (in that order), but anyone is welcome!

This is a Branded Lady assignment outside of the Valley Forge weekly episodics and will not be run at that time. The exact date for when this event is to be held will be decided based on the availability of people interested (hence this being an available assignment and not a slotted event!).
You can sci-gn me up!

That was Sulayman's idea, not mine...
This assignment has been completed. Thank you to all who attended the event!

The AAR is attached here with the AAR of the mission where the outpost was captured.