COMMAND MEMO: Guidance on Interactions with the Terix System

TO <Squadron Commanders>
CC Fleet Captain Perim, CDR Helstone
FWD Command Guidance on Interactions with the Terix System


In light of recent events, I wanted to issue some specific command guidance for your Squadrons and all elements of the fleet in relation to interaction with the Terix system, its formal government, and civilian ships, its citizens or any revolutionary factions.

Based on my interpretation of the Prime Directive, Starfleet should not become directly involved with the current struggles for power on this planet. Our previous interactions were a slope that dragged us into areas that we should not be involved in as a sovereign entity determines the course of its future.

Going forward, all fleet vessels should consider the Terix system off limits, to include a 5 light year buffer around the system. Terix ships of any faction should not be engaged in communication unless they are entering Federation space.

Any Terix ships or personnel encountered in Federation space should be directed, or if necessary, forced to return to the Terix system. If any Terix element requests asylum then Fleet forces can assist these individuals and take them to Deep Space Thirteen where their asylum will be handled per guidance from command and the Romulan Republic. Any personnel requesting asylum will have their ships detained by Starfleet forces.

Finally, be advised that this guidance does not remove any ship or personnel’s clear right to self-defense should hostile Terix forces attack Federation or ally locations or personnel.

Come to me if you have questions. Disseminate throughout your command.

Rilem Celes
Vice Admiral,
Commander, 38th Fleet Argo