Crime and Punishment

Or Yita u'Faemaifv for that authentic Romulan experience! Posted at the behest of and penned in part by Quae. Enjoy!

"C'mon, Dip, y'can't give 'er a gimped weapon an' expect 'er t' treat it like it's lethal." Nethali had her arms propped on the edge of the work table, one boot kicked up and tapping the floor.

"Maybe," Davin said, turning the phase pistol over in his hands, "but a lot of work went into refitting this."

"Give th' kitten back 'er claws," She started, despite knowing Davin's attention was quickly honing in on the modified Federation sidearm, "An' let 'er rend a little..." Her words tapered as he started explaining.

"The thing is, you can't just disable the setting, not with Lir." He tilted the weapon to show her the metal casing that covered the maw where the manual settings had been, "I had to take out the whole phase emitter assembly."

He then turned it to show a clearly modified conduit where the grip met the barrel. "But you can't take that out and have the stun setting work, because the power relay is hard-wired."

The woman scratched idly above an ear, she was not entirely disinterested, but neither was she as keenly involved. "Roight, I think I'm followin'."

"So I had to rebuild the power systems from scratch," He continued, "Put in an interpolator to channel power directly into the secondary coils, compensate for the- here, look."

A finger tapped a fixture on the top-front of the barrel, angled ever so slightly above the far edge of the work bench opposite them. He gestured for Nethali to lean in for a closer look; she obliged with a blasé attitude, her attention fading fast.

"This keeps the capacitors charging even at the reduced power levels, so-" BZZZRP!

Davin's finger had crept into the trigger guard amid his endless stream of techno-babble, and pressed down at just the wrong- or very right- moment to send a stun pulse right into Nethali's shoulder.

She froze and toppled-- Davins hand grasping the neck of her jacket was all that kept her from braining herself on the hard metal tabletop.

"Teach you to stun me," he muttered to no one in particular before lifting the unconscious centurion under her shoulders and knees and hauling her back to her quarters.