(Date/Time TBD) SCIENCE MISSION - Observe Space Travel Test of a Pre-Warp


FROM: Starfleet Science Directorate
TO: Task Force Argo All

Task Force Argo Command,

The USS Kepler, Commanded by Commander Ramirez, will be in Task Force Argo's operational space on stardate 90007.1 at system Zibat to observe the launch of a chemical rocket by the non-warp capable species the Xepses. Any Argo vessels in the area are invited to assist in the monitoring of the launch. Any sensor platform will be of assistance.

(( So SpaceX is sending up a Falcon 9 in the coming weeks.. Much like I tried to do with its previous launch, I'm going to watch the launch online and report it as an IC observation of the Xepses species. most RP would be on chat channel (likely Fleet chat) and then maybe some RP back at the Starbase afterwards. If you have questions about anything related to this let me know here or in game.))
Event has slipped to some undetermined time next week.