David Kriss Amburg-Larz


Amburg-Larz, David Kriss
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Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Melqart, NCC-92240-B






192 cm

105 kg



17th September 2379, 56711.3

U.S.S. Caledonia, Galaxy-Class


    Megara Larz
    Professor of Astrophysics, University of Leran Manev
    Lieutenant Ludwig Amburg
    Tactical Officer, U.S.S. Enterprise-E (DECASED - 2379)


  • 2397: Enlists as crewman on board the U.S.S. Aquileia, NCC-86734, Akira-Class.
  • 2399: Joins the Academy Course. He is temporally transferred to the Academy of Beta Antares.
  • 2400: Promoted to ensign, returns on the U.S.S. Aquileia, joining the tactical section of the ship as armament specialist and ground operative.
  • 2403: Receives a note of reprimand for "deplorable behavior". Two months after he receives a note of commendation for a resolved diplomatic issue.
  • 2404: Is posted in the Intelligence Team of Commander Alexei Nogharov, on board the U.S.S. Aquileia, dispatched along the Federal-Romulan border. He is usually employed from Commander Nogharov as pilot and weapons expert in various missions along the border.
  • 2407: Operation Dalida. During an operation inside the Romulan territory Nogharov goes rogue and kill another officer of the Aquileia, Sam Clever. David and Catre (second of Nogharov), are able to escape from the hostile environment. He takes six months of leave.
  • 2407, late: Returns to the U.S.S. Aquileia, to his previous post.
  • 2408: Applies for a post on the U.S.S. Anassimandro, Vesta-class, for a long-range exploration mission. Accepted, the mission is annulled when the Federation enters in war with the Klingon. He is reassigned to the U.S.S. Jupiter, Nova-Class, at Deep Space 9. The order arrives from Starfleet Intelligence.
  • 2409, late: Joins the Omega Force and is transferred to the U.S.S. Melqart, Intrepid-class, commanded by Captain Julie Catre. The ship is involved in several operations against the newly menace of the Borg. Renowned operation: rescue of the U.S.S. Santa Fe, raid on Hirori III, board of a Borg Sphere.
  • 2409-2410: Melqart joins a five ship detachment transferred to the Delta Quadrant after the opening of the Dyson Sphere. The ships task is to support the operation of allied species in the quadrant against the Borg. The contingent will work until the arrive of the Iconians. The ship will be headed back to the Alpha Quadrant. During the war, the Melqart is lost while defending the colony of New Berlin. David and the survivors will spend the rest of the war defending on foot the colony.
  • 2411: With the rank of Commander, assumes the command of the new U.S.S. Melqart, Esquiline-class. The ship heads for an uncharted area of space, in the "galactic north", searching for the lost U.S.S. Ulysses, Intrepid-class, lost during a four-year assignment. The mission has a personal motive for David: his cousine, Claire, was on board the vessel. The Melqart will take some times to find the remnants of the crew, hostages of an hostile races inside the Gret Cluster, inside the Gon'Tra Nebula. After several fights with that race, the Istarians, the Melqart is able to retreat from the cluster. The mission endured almost two years.
  • 2413: After a brief investigation about the Gret Cluster's mission, the Melqart depart for a one-year exploration mission in the Delta Quadrant. The ship has the occasion to start three different first-contact missions during the assignment.
  • 2414: After some months spent in the drydock for refit and repairs, the Melqart is assigned to the 47th Expeditionary Fleet, under Commodore De La Torre.
  • 2417: Promoted to captain, is assigned to the 38th Fleet.


Born on a starship, David has always considered himself as a wanderer. While his mother, renowned scientist, was occupied with conferences and briefings around the Federation, he grew up in three different location: St. Michel, in the north of France, with his paternal grandparents; New Berlin, colony of the Federation, where live his uncle Thomas and his cousin Claire; Trill, in the campaign house of his maternal grandparents in the southern continent of the planet. Always travelling, without an home in the standard definition of the term and with a visceral passion for the flight and stories of lone heroes from the past, Starfleet was naturally his first choice of life.

For someone with a strong sense of independence the military life cannot not so easy, despite all the efforts he put in the task of became a decent officer. He receives note of reprimand as note of commendation and his superior officers see in him talent, but at the same time indisposition. It is probably this series of factors that made Alexei Nogharov, an intelligence officer ready to do the "necessary work" for the Federation, an inspiration for David. Until Operation Dalida. After the failure of the operation and the deplorable betrayal of Nogharov, David consideredthe opportunity to leave Starfleet. He took, firstly, a one month leave that spends on Earth, on St. Michel. While there, he had the occasion to meet with Laura, an history student that caught more then his simple interest. He decided to prolong the leave and follow her on Trill for some comparative historical studies about the Italian middle-age and the Trill's one.
Despite his attempts to enter in another contest and in another style of life, he was unable to abandon Starfleet and despite everything, leaved Laura and returned to the Aquileia. It was not a simple choice, considering the unfortunate outcome of Operation Dalida. He tried to continue his career on the Aquileia and, taking advantage of the opportunity, even of change it completely embarking on a long-range mission with the Anassimandro. The fate decided differently for him.

The wars were what change him the most. The continue bloodshed, the victims, civilian and military, leaves a permanent scar on him. Peace and ideals come to a cost and he learn it. It is probably this lesson that made him candidate to command the Melqart in the rescue mission of the Ulysses: the desire of save someone, if possible or at least to try. The mission will succeeds, in a sort of way and will give something else to David to learn. The strange asset of the Cluster, with the Istarian destroying every ships from the outside, playing God, is an occasion for the commander to understand better the concept of "drastic measure", or fanatical measure, to be precise.
The time spent in the cluster would be also an occasion for David to establish more friendly relationships with the officers on board his ship, especially with Tafeis (a former orion mercenary rescued from the Borg) and Tarah (encountered during a mission against the Breen). He will learn to trust and to count on his officers, forming, more then a simple crew, a real team, if not a small family,

The mission in the Delta Quadrant and the assignment to the 47th Expeditionary Fleet would be other occasions for the future captain to improve his ability to see things from different point of view, to open himself to other thinking outside his, to be confident while in command. Despite that, a trace of an officer with a too fast career (as many other captain promoted in desperate time) make him always think twice, maybe three times, about a decision.
This attitude to learn more and more things, to became better as person and officer, is what pushed him to open himself to the world of music and painting, to start to collect particular objects from all the galaxy and, in particular, to expand his knowledge (with not the best results, but at still is a try) in the scientific field.


Spoiler: AwardsShow
R43bODs.pngAcademy Graduation Award
QAtJULw.pngPreantares ribbon of Commendation
pZMMBhC.pngIconian War Service Medal
2qicpbd_th.pngOmega Task Force Medal of Commendation
BekBuM5.pngStarfleet Bronze Star
2eea93o_th.pngPurple Heart
S5OAF00.pngHur'q Conflict Campaign Medal
FWeSrzA.pngStarfleet Decoration for Gallantry


STATUS: OK for active duty
EVALUATOR: Dr. Ilenia Mauresson (Medical Officer - USS Melqart)

STATUS: OK for active duty
EVALUATOR: Dr. Azura Draxx (Counselor Officer - USS Melqart)
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