Dec 2: Time is sight, part 2

After unplanned run-in with the Breen, KDF and allies continue investigating the star systems that lie within the Korgasant's hunting grounds.


When: Saturday, Dec 2, Beta +2

Where: Starship bridge, some fleet holdings

What: Bridge RP (my RP system will be in use)

OOC point of contact: @gulremal
Spoiler: Mission transcriptShow
[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Hag'lhr, Fortune and damaged San'leth jump out of low warp at the outskirts of the target system. Breen reinforcements haven't detected them, and at this point they are out of the long range-

[Local] Yig'gortas: -sensor's reach. System itself is yet uncharted, and basic scans show a blue dwarf star and one class L planet.

[Local] B'Atar: "We're picking up a power signature in orbit of the planet."

[Local] Egzo: "Breen? How big?"

[Local] B'Atar: "Not sure. According to the data Alyss retrieved, the Breen sent a survey team down here. My guess is Breen."

[Local] Yig'gortas: "I suggest we move closer under cloak and investigate,"

B'Atar nods, "Aye. Doesn't look to be any other ships aside from whatever's in orbit."

[Local] Egzo: "Right. ... You and Shlaak get all of those containers secured in the hold?"

[Local] Yig'gortas: *nods* "All the samples are properly secured. We will need starbase facilities to do a proper biopsy."

Egzo nods, and addresses his Ferasan helm-cat. "Well, you heard 'im. Take us in, Rritt."

B'Atar | San'leth cloaks and follows Hag'lhr.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> As you approach the planet, Shlaak mutters as Hag'lhr's sensors go offline.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Shlaak: Sensors software completely crashed down. Reeboting the system...this might take a while.

[Local] Egzo: "What's goin' on? Is it us, or somethin' about the planet?"

B'Atar checks to see if San'leth sensors are working.

[Local] Egzo: "Slow to 1/4 impulse. I don't like flyin' blind."

[Local] Egzo: "And watch out for any flux in the cloak."

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: Hard to say as our sensors are down. But log shows no anomalous reading in last 2 hours.

[Local] B'Atar: "San'leth's pretty busted but our sensors are working. Must be something on your end."

[Local] B'Atar: "We're picking up a Breen sensor and comm satellite in orbit. I think that's the signature from earlier."

[Local] Yig'gortas: Shlaak: It is possible that all the subspace anomalies we've been in relative proximity of caused primary software degradation.

B'Atar scans the Hag'Ihr to see if San'leth's science people can figure out what's wrong.

[Local] Egzo: "Fine, just get us back up. San'leth, Fortune, keep your eyes out for us."

[Local] B'Atar: "Aye, we got your back."

B'Atar tries to determine the sensor range of the Breen buoy.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Shlaak: I've got it...reset to factory settings...I'll have to do diagnostics afterwards.

Egzo mutters but nods.

[Local] Egzo: "Here I thought gettin' a whole new sensor suite would /fix/ the problems we been havin'..."

Egzo shakes his head at his own foolishness.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Screen flickers back on to show yellowish planet surface and zooms on breen buoy

[Local] B'Atar: "Looks like we're in range of that Breen sensor. Got to stay under the radar now."

B'Atar scans for the collapsed mountain where the Breen team is supposed to be at.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: detecting signal from the bouy, it's transmitting "ok" long range signal towards breen's also communicating with the surface. Signal is being sent from the surface every 10 seconds,

[Local] Yig'gortas: - and long range signal is transmitted every minute.

[Local] B'Atar: "Must be communications from their survey team."

Egzo hms. "Gives us a 50 second window if we wanna try anythin' fancy."

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: We can't use active sensors to get accurate surface data without being detected. And if we destroy the bouy, we'll warn the breen.

[Local] B'Atar: "Think we could shoot it down and make a convincing fake signal?"

[Local] Yig'gortas: It could be possible, but I do suggest we turn the order of actions in your suggestion.

Egzo chuckles. "Spoof the camera /before/ ya shoot it out?"

[Local] Yig'gortas: ** sincle alyss isn't around, her ship did stay at the outskirts of the system for the time being to keep an eye on the breen

[Local] Egzo: "Too bad our computer expert's busy in the outer system. Oh well."

[Local] B'Atar: "We might be able to find their survey team without messing with the buoy, but if we go for their data, the Breen'll know anyways."

[Local] Yig'gortas: I believe we can modify one of our probes to fake the signal. However, it will not be perfect and breen will eventually figure it out,

[Local] Yig'gortas: ** combat rolls please

[Emotes] B'Atar: rolls 93 (1-100)

[Emotes] Egzo: rolls 79 (1-100)

[Local] Egzo: "Hmmm. Here's an idea..." (At those words, most of his bridge officers give each other "uh oh" or "one of THOSE, huh?" looks.

[Local] Egzo: "No way we can scan or transport through that mess of a storm... but it's got to be screwin' up the buoy sensors too. If we took a cloaked shuttle down under it..."

[Local] B'Atar: "That could work..."

[Local] B'Atar: "Apparently the signal from the surface is what's prompting the buoy to broadcast to Breen space."

[Local] B'Atar: "That signal should be easier to fake. All it's gotta do is fool the buoy."

Egzo nods to B'Atar. "Makes sense. Buoy can't be /that/ smart."

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: I see no reason not to use both ideas. Fake the signal, and then sent a shuttle down to remove any threats.

Egzo leers through the comm channel at San'leth's commander. "You up for takin' another rough ride?"

B'Atar smirks, "You know me. Always am."

Egzo waggles his brows, and cuts the channel, rising from his seat.

[Local] Egzo: "Kem, Shlaak, ship is yours. Don't go runnin' off with it. Rritt, Yig, with me."

[Emotes] Egzo: rolls 26 (1-100)

[Local] Egzo: (rerolling)

[Local] Egzo: (I want better 'n that.)

[Emotes] Egzo: rolls 7 (1-100)

[Local] Egzo: (AWF)

[Local] B'Atar: (Aww)

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: drone is rigged, but we'll have only 20 minutes to secure the area.

[Local] Egzo: "Hit 'em hard and fast, get the data and get out before anyone figures it out and comes t' look."

[Local] B'Atar: "Sounds like fun!"

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Couple a minute later, in the shuttle...

Egzo rolls and pops his neck, as he applies or slings various tools of destruction onto his body.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: Shlaak says drone is ready on your mark.

[Emotes] B'Atar: rolls 67 (1-100)

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Modified nausicaan stinger fighter rolls out of Hag'lhr's main (and only) shuttlebay and activates built-in cloak.

Egzo braces himself against something overhead as the dim-lit shuttle is buffeted by turbulence. "How long 'till we're on the ground?"

[Local] B'Atar: "ETA is two minutes."

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> B'atar expertly glides the fighter into high and than lower orbit, approaching orange mass of swirling sandstorm that encompasses good area size of a small continent.

[Local] B'Atar: "Breen team's supposed to be at a spherical building near some broken mountain."

[Local] B'Atar: "See anything like it?"

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: If that structure is where the signal emanates from, it's within the sandstorm. We'll have to go inside, I'm sending the approximate location of the signal to your consoles.

[Local] B'Atar: "Guess we're going in, then."

[Local] B'Atar: "It should only affect visibility, right? Nothing too dangerous from that storm?"

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Fighter shakes violently as it enters the storm, and B'atar fights to keep it going in the right direction. Winds outside are extremely fast, reaching over 500 mph.

[Emotes] B'Atar: rolls 11 (1-100)

[Local] B'Atar: (Rerolling!)

[Local] B'Atar: (Hopefully not with a 7!)

[Emotes] B'Atar: rolls 46 (1-100)

[Local] B'Atar: (there!)

[Local] B'Atar: "Okay...that's rougher than I expected..."

B'Atar grins, "Just the way I like it..."

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Piloting proves to be a great challenge and B'atar is kicked off the course couple of times by the strong gusts of wind and sand. She manages to regain the bearing, but looses some precious time.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> 6 minutes later, sensor manage to pick up large spherical building half a mile away, and soon you can barely make the outlines on the main screen.

[Local] B'Atar: "There! Found it!"

[Local] Egzo: "Find a place to set us down... in the wind-shadow of that dome, if ya can, but I'll take anythin' flat."

B'Atar looks for a place to land.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> B'atar manages to land the fighter in the area just near the building that shielded by 3 sides from the wind, as it's meant to be some kind of "parking" space. No other shuttles or vehicles are -

[Local] Yig'gortas: - present.

[Local] B'Atar: "We're the only ship here..."

[Local] B'Atar: "They probably took transporter down then, so they're stuck here."

Egzo hits the rear hatch release as soon as the modified fighter touches down, opening a window into howling chaos. "GO, GO! CLOCK IS RUNNING!" he shouts over the wind.

Egzo charges out into the storm.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Team leaves the shuttle and rushes towards the building...

Egzo is an even more terrifying sight than usual, in his goggles and filter mask, disruptor pulsewave held at the ready as he runs for the dome.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig follows Egzo and B'tar, using his modified tricorder in attampts to scan the surrounding area.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> It doesn't take a tricorder to find the entrance, that is actually quite close to the place where they landed the shuttle. Large circular doors set into the massive duranium wall of the -

[Local] Yig'gortas: - building. Everyone easily notice large device set almost at the center of the doors.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: *scans the device and shouts* Breen tech, some kind of seal...I'm detecting explosive inside.

[Local] Egzo: "Bomb?"

[Local] Egzo: "Or breaching charge?"

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: Doesn't look like breaching charge, explosive is set towards outside.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: also, 10 minutes left till our fake signal fails.

[Local] Egzo: "Yah, no pressure."

[Local] Egzo: "Any other way in? Breen lifesigns?"

Egzo looks around, trying to /will/ his eyes and ears to pierce the swirling storm around the dome.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: No lifesigns at the area directly inside. Also, this device is sending signal to the comm dish on the top of the building. So it's safe to assume this is the only entrance...

[Local] Egzo: "Hard way, then!"

Egzo slings his disruptor and gets to cracking/disarming the seal, preferably before it blows up and kills him.

[Emotes] Egzo: rolls 8 (1-100)

[Local] Egzo: (for the love of)

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Egzo starts working on the security device. He easily bypasses the first firewall, and then realizes it was indeed too easy, and device's software is now aware that something is off.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Hunter-killer algorithms are now active and looking for invasive program...

Egzo hisses a curse, sweat breaking out on his brow, and keeps working.

[Emotes] Egzo: rolls 56 (1-100)

[Local] Egzo: "let's see you handle /this/, you..."

Egzo has abandoned subtlety and is now just battering his way through, hoping to overwhelm the system before it can finish (him).

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Egzo launches his best Black Ice protocols and hammers the hunter-killer algorithms with brute force, buying him precious seconds for the final move...

[Local] Egzo: "think you're so... ha ha... nope..."

[Emotes] Egzo: rolls 55 (1-100)

[Local] Egzo: "come on... come on... AH!"

[Local] B'Atar: "We are so gonna blow up..."

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> In the nick of the time, his computer worm disables the alarm settings of the device, preventing the bomb from activating.

Egzo half-turns. "Hold this, will you?"

Egzo hands the (inert) device to B'Atar.

Egzo starts trying to force the doors proper open.

[Local] Egzo: "nnnnnh.... hells with that. Yig. Yer a big strong lizard, you do it."

Egzo steps out of the way.

B'Atar holds it and examines it, "this better not blow and damage my armour..."

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig moves in to inspect the doors, scanning them with the tricorder. Then he pushes the doors on 3 different places, his palm depressing the oval shaped buttons (practically invisible to eyesight-

[Local] Yig'gortas: - in the storm unless you know where exactly they are located). A loud "clunk" is heard as machinery activates and doors slide to the left.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig; *scans inside* No lifesigns.

[Local] B'Atar: "Oh...I was going to try shooting it open."

Egzo mutters something and hustles inside.

Egzo sweeps with the muzzle of his pulsewave.

[Local] B'Atar: "Guess the Breen aren't home. Might've left more surprises for us though."

B'Atar steps in as well, checking carefully for traps.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> They enter a large circular room, completely dark before Yig activates large lamp on his right shoulder.

[Local] B'Atar: "Your scanners pick up any more bombs?"

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Room is completely empty. Only noticeable thing is circular hole in the center.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: No explosives of any kind. I'm detecting some cable-like materials in the walls, most likely for lighting and environment control. But all actual devices are not there.

Egzo approaches the hole, peering down it and aiming his pulsewave likewise.

[Local] B'Atar: "Breen must've taken everything with them then..."

[Local] B'Atar: "Explains why there's no other ships."

B'Atar checks out the hole as well.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> As Yig moves around the room, his lighting shows the large circular engravings on the walls, most likely decorative in purpose.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> All the spirals do create a feeling of dizzynes if you focus on them for too long...

[Local] Yig'gortas: **

[Local] Yig'gortas: ** something like that, but more elaborate and all over the walls

[Local] Egzo: "Get a scan anyway. Maybe we can figure out what /was/ here, or a guess, or..."

[Local] B'Atar: "This place does not look Breen..."

Egzo peers at the cables.

[Local] B'Atar: "Never seen design like that, all rounded."

[Local] Egzo: "They took time to unhook it, 'stead'a just cuttin'."

[Local] Egzo: "Then probably lifted it out with antigravs."

[Local] Egzo: "I'm thinkin' generator."

[Local] Egzo: "Cables run there, and there..."

Egzo points them out, then calls for time.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: Breen most likely combed the place well.

B'Atar follows Egzo's pointing.

[Local] Yig'gortas: ** rolls, please

[Emotes] Egzo: rolls 99 (1-100)

[Emotes] B'Atar: rolls 17 (1-100)

Egzo squints, and approaches one of the pillars, peering at it closely.

[Local] B'Atar: "I'm seeing at least five distinct footsteps..."

[Local] Egzo: "Hard t'tell with all this swirly stuff, but I think...."

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig; 3 minutes left, taking scans for the archives.

[Local] Egzo: "This ain't right."

B'Atar looks to Egzo, "What'd you have?"

Egzo takes a knee and sets his shotty down, within reach. He begins to examine the base of the pillar, whose decorations are slightly out of alignment.

Egzo tries to twist or open it, looking for hidden catches, etc.

Egzo rotates the symbol in the circle, and...

B'Atar watches Egzo work.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Indeed, B'atar now notices one of the palm sized swirls is out of alignment, and as Egzo twists it, it "clicks" and is removed from the pillar, showing small opening.

[Local] Egzo: "see what we got here..."

[Local] B'Atar: "Oh! Nice find."

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Everyone can easily notice palm-sized, bluish sphere decorated with painstainkingly engraved small swirl decorations.

B'Atar slides off her helmet, holding it under her arm for better visibility.

[Local] B'Atar: "What's that?"

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: *moves in to scan* Not an explosive...looks like some kind of data storage device, quadritronic in nature.

[Local] Egzo: "Grab it and make one last sweep, then we're outta here."

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: *pockets the sphere carefully as he performs last set of scans* Done, 1 minute remaining.

B'Atar nods and looks around for something similar to Egzo's find.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> there hundreds of swirly engravings all around the place, it would take hours to check them all out

Egzo starts moving toward the door, looking mostly up - so few seem to.

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> More engravings and hollow places where light fixtures probably were.

B'Atar follows Egzo, checking out the patterns on the way out.

[Local] Egzo: "They /really/ cleaned this place out."

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: once they realize something is wrong, it will take the breen at least 30 minutes to arrive, 10 if they go in high warp.

[Local] Egzo: "Good. Gives us time to get back into orbit and away from here."

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> The storm greets them as they leave the sphere and move towards the fighter.

[Local] B'Atar: "Yeah...good work finding that ball."

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> 8 minutes later, they are back on their respective ships.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Shlaak: Breen patrol incoming, ETA 18 minutes.

[Local] Yig'gortas: Yig: this place is not secure anymore to perform effective repairs. I suggest we head to the second system and see if we can land there.

B'Atar nods, "Let's bail."

[Local] B'Atar: "Don't want to be fighting in this state."

[Local] Egzo: "San'leth, let us know if you gotta drop out of warp. We'll cover ya."

[Local] Yig'gortas: <FX> Again, three ships re-cloak and head to the outskirts of the system before they jump to low warp towards the next destination...

[Local] Yig'gortas: -- SCENE END --
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