Deployment Plans

To: RADM E Quint
CC: LT S. Valore
From: CAPT A.H. Nimitz
Subj: Deployment plans

As it currently stands, there are six star systems that are known to grow the Prototaxites stellaviatori.

  1. The Briar Patch (Risa Sector)
  2. Imaga System (Risa Sector)
  3. Veda System (Risa Sector)
  4. Donatu System (Donatu Sector)
  5. Kinjer System (Orion Sector)
  6. Kern System (Xarantine Sector)

All six of the listed systems are within Federation claimed territory. My current risk assessment states that the Kern system and the Donatu systems are the greatest risk of being targeted by the House Mo’Kai to refuel the mycelial weapon used on Andoria. However we can not ignore the Risa Sector which houses the greatest concentration of the spores in the known galaxy.

My deployment plan is to begin with the Donatu system, move up to Risa sector, and then move along the Kern system. During our first passage, we will begin deployment of long range sensor probes to alert us to incoming vessels approaching the systems, as well as a number of fighters with shuttle supports that can refuel and rotate pilots during deployment.

During our second passage, we will resupply the fighter squadrons and deploy additional defense systems to aid their garrison, such as phaser and photon turret platforms. In the event of a Mo’Kai attack, the fighter teams will hold off the attempt to harvest the spores as Pegasus is called in to respond with slipstream drive. With proper warning and the sensor probes, the Pegasus should be able to reach any of the six systems before the House Mo’kai has time to deploy any method of harvesting the mycelial spores.

This planned deployment is only a temporary measure, I would recommend that each of these six systems have a task force on stand by that are able to respond to any approach by the House Mo’Kai, as well as look into deployment of the SCE to establish a network of space forts to insure protection of the system.

I have to come to the following conclusion regarding these spores based of what limited information I have been authorized for, as it stands, the power demonstrated on Andoria has shown that these spores are perhaps the greatest threat to the Security of life in the galaxy if used improperly, meaning that even once House Mo’kai has been dealt with, these spores still will be here. I propose that Starfleet strongly considers adopting a new directive to make these spores an urgent priority for securing permeant protection of the spore home systems much like the Omega Directive once allowed for Starfleet to take urgent actions.

Captain Alistair H. Nimitz
Commanding Officer,
USS Pegasus (NCC-93462)

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