Difficulty finding role plays

Good evening, just wanted to put this out there that I've tried and yes got well technically 2 people interested in role playing with me but having a difficult time either getting others interested maybe it's because they don't know me but I'd really like to start role playing more of late I've become discouraged and well. Basically I have to much time to participate in role plays but I'd like to but in earnest I am really having a really difficult time finding people who actually seem interested. I do what I think I can as often as I can but.
There's casual RP around the starbase at multiple times of the day every day. That's a great place to start. You should also check the calendar here on the site and the fleet motd in-game. Events listed there are open to everyone, all you have to do is show up.

There's plenty of RP out there.
I have done both sir the only thing I can think of is no one knows me yet, that may or may not be it but who knows.
If you've done both, then ... you've found the RP. Approach people ICly in the lounge. Watch for announcements in OOC and in /fleet chat. If no one knows you yet, it's only because you haven't introduced yourself yet.
Hi Jonathon, I'll offer a piece of advice. I've observed you in the context of both the bar and pre-event organization and it seems like you have a desire to be "invited" into the activity taking place.

While the DNA mission participants were being rounded up, you were saying in the OOC chat that you would come along if you were needed, but when Keth asked who wanted invites, I didn't see you claim one. I can understand not wanting to impose yourself, but there's a point at which you just have to jump in. The event organizer is much too busy to go out of their way to court your involvement; you're either in or out. And the other players usually don't know whether you'll be needed, what your skillset is, what the mission pertains, etc.; and if they did know all that, it's still not their event so they might not feel like it's their place to say. When somebody puts out the call for invites, you've just got to raise your hand (that's what this is: o/) and you're in.

On the bar trek side of things, I've seen you hanging around at the fringes of things a few times, seeming like you might want to join in but were waiting for something. In my experience, in RP (and in life!) you will only rarely have someone come grab you and pull you into the action. You have to go up to the bar, greet people, shake hands, buy drinks, etc. You'll just get old waiting for an invitation to join the party. All the same social rules from real life apply here. (DISCLAIMER: all of this only applies if you're roleplaying the kind of outgoing person who does the stuff described above. You'll regularly see me seated alone, ignoring all this advice. But I play an introvert, so lurking and spying on other people having fun is kind of my "thing".)

I know a lot of this could just sound like "you're doing it wrong", but I hope it will be taken in the constructive manner I intended. It's tough to be new anywhere, and I understand not wanting to impose yourself on people. But we don't go to the bar if we don't want to be bothered by other roleplayers. And if you see me (Sivath) lurking around at a table, feel free to introduce yourself and join me. Apologies in advance for whatever my character says; he's not trying to be rude, just Vulcan.
Point taken Sophist but by that point I am already involved in something else. So I get what your saying hence why I don't offer myself to tag along.
I don't think I have seen you around when I am around that much. I only see you on the OOC chat sometimes and I think our schedules don't quite match up.

While I am RPing with a group I often whisper people who are alone and around to come join, and if I saw you (or noticed you were there) I probably would have.

So apologies if at any point you were around and I didn't reach out to you.

I think Sivath makes an excellent point though (and Perim has given you good ways of finding the RP).

One thing someone told me recently, actually in regards to me feeling a bit awkward to walking up to people in RP, was that if someone is around, even if they play being on their own, they are there to RP (actually Sophist said that as well). Do go talk to them and also do remember that any reaction is a roleplayed reaction. So if maybe at first they might not be super forthcoming, they probably will come around once the two characters know each other.

So don't let that hold you back.

I do understand you though, I have been on this fleet for a long time now and with the wave of new people I was getting a bit nervous. Then I just walked up to them, and they are actually quite fun.

Try it.
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That is true I don't think I've seen you around much but perhaps if your on sometime let me know Kero Elan, it would be an honor.
I can relate to all of this. I am also one of those people who is more used to being invited into thing than just jumping in. I know of course that it is ok to just get involved but I also get in that mindset that I need a convincing and realistic reason for my character to just barge into an ongoing thing (in reality, one can be made up pretty easily most times). This comes down to a fragment of my real world social anxiety I think. I generally do not have as much problems online as I do in person but in larger groups it can still crop up. I'm not saying any of this applies to you Jon, just that I kind of understand how hard it can be to get involved in things.

I have been pushing myself to not overthink things more and more lately and just go with the flow of the RP. It is hard for me to do that, but it does make it easier to get involved. I also play an introverted character (Alina) most often so my attempts in this regard are also mirroring her attempts to try and be more outgoing ICly as well. Now if I decide to play Nalah well you'll likely end up talking to her at some point.. she loves to meet everyone, lol.

EDIT: Note, I am currently on an LoA from the game, so you won't actually see me in game for another month or so, the above statements are true in general for when I am around.
Indeed Master Dex, I don't like barging in and as of some I do intend to take my role plays seriously but I also like to have fun.
I think some of it comes down to people not wanting to interrupt or barge into conversations. I myself fall into that group. When I see two or three people talking I don't really want to interrupt their conversation or side track it for something that involves my character or a new topic. I think it needs to be understood that if somebody is in the bar (and not in an EV suit) that they are usually approachable for RP. And not everyone's character is the outgoing type that will always start conversations, so sometimes it needs to take that whisper/IM to the person to see if they want to RP.
That is true I don't think I've seen you around much but perhaps if your on sometime let me know Kero Elan, it would be an honor.

If we are around at the same time I'll grab you if I am not into something already.

But if you spot me at the bar, even if I am talking to someone, please, do join in. I'll warn you that you might have to endure bad puns.
I agree Lunya.