Do Say Hello

Do Say Hello

The door chime chirped to Captain Dewey's quarters. "Enter." He shouted as he walked to his dresser. There was an open suitcase on Dewey's bed with a few neatly folded clothes inside. Dewey wore an off duty green T-shirt and grey cargo pants as he moved about.

The door to the Captain's quarters slid open to reveal Captain Savel, the Gladiator's First Officer. The female Vulcan stood there for a moment as she watched her Commanding Officer walk away from his dresser with an armful of uniforms and civilian clothing. Savel wore the uniform she had become accustomed too. It was a grey wrap around top, similar to the old Starfleet wraps worn by Captains in the day of Kirk, with her Captain rank displayed on the shoulder. It wasn't the standard duty uniform aboard the Gladiator, but she felt it would better serve moral and Dewey's authority if she dressed herself different from Captain Dewey given they both held the same rank. The Vulcan stepped into the room after Dewey failed to say anything to her. As the door closed behind her she stated, "I take it that the Commodore has approved your leave."

Dewey didn't stop to look at his trusted First Officer, "Nope. I am therefore going anyways."

Savel took a single step forward, "I do not believe it would be prudent for you leave without permission, Captain."

Dewey dropped the clothes on the bed and then picked up a uniform top and began to neatly fold it. "Commodore Ashworth has not replied to my request. And considering I have 55.5 days of leave built up and only another 90 some odd days to use them before they expire I'm going to go ahead and make a command decision here and authorize my own leave."

The Gladiator's First Officer clasped her hands behind her back. "Have you chosen a destination yet?"

Dewey, still folding clothes and placing them in the suitcase while neglecting to look at Savel, said, "Nah... not really sure where I'll go just yet."

"Interesting." The Vulcan voice stated in an almost accusing tone. "I would have anticipated you to observe the court martial of Captain Razor."

Captain Dewey paused and finally looked up at Savel as he did his best to conceal a smirk. "What makes you think I'd go to that?"

The beautiful Vulcan woman raised an eyebrow, "Aside from the obvious fact that the two of you are companions?" Dewey tilted his head as if he was hoping his highly intelligent First Officer would apply some more Vulcan logic to the situation than a simple observation of friendship between Razor and Dewey. She proceeded, "It is a foregone conclusion both Admiral Quinn and Admiral Sartez will be involved, in some capacity, with the court martial. It is well known that you have close connections to both men. Also, one of the jury members served aboard this ship while you were the First Officer. Another Officer previously served with you aboard the Atlantis. It is also noteworthy that another jury member is the offspring of one Master Chief Jol, an individual whom you worked closely with as a member of a Hazard Team."

Dewey threw down the shirt in his hand and asked, "How the hell do you know that?"

The Vulcan spoke slowly at first as if she was surprised that her Captain was caught off guard by her plethora of knowledge, "I believe you are forgetting that before I was assigned as your Fist Officer I was a Starfleet Detective aboard Earth Space Dock." She moved the conversation back to the court martial. "Given your history with these individuals I surmise that you may attempt to sway the outcome of Captain Razor's court martial. I must inform you that, if that is your intention, it may result in a miss-trial and could possibly lead to a court martial of your own."

As she finished speaking a large white cat with a couple orange blotches jumped up on the bed and seated itself in the suitcase on Dewey's clothes. The cat looked at Captain Savel and meowed. "I don't think Mister Jeepers likes your tone." Dewey said annoyingly.

Savel raised both eyebrows while she looked at the cat, "It was not my intention to convey any specific tone... other than one of warning, Captain." The woman returned her attention to Dewey as the feline begin licking itself.

Dewey looked away from her as he picked up another article of clothing and folded it, "Yes, well... warning noted." He nudged the cat out of the way as he placed a pair of uniform pants in the suitcase.

Jeepers, the cat, jumped off the bed and started rubbing himself against Savel's legs in stockings. "I must also point out the fact that Sub-Marshal Numitor has been working in conjunction with Task Force: Argo. Despite the current relationship between the Romulan Republic and the United Federation of Planets it is well known that he holds a high degree of contempt ion for you. Your sudden use of leave days occurring in the same time frame as Captain Razor's court martial may prompt him to investigate. Given his track record within Romulan Law Enforcement it is extremely likely that he will uncover the same connections between you and several members of the jury just as I have."

Captain Dewey looked at the Vulcan, "He did help us... help me on Nimbus against Sark. I contacted him to see if he may be able to locate some evidence to help clear Razor's name."

"I believe that move was a significant miscalculation on your part." Savel informed him. "I believe his intervention may produce undesirable results for you. What was his response?"

"He, uh, didn't respond." Dewey shared a still moment with his First Officer before asking, "Are we experiencing any glitches with our communication systems? Ashworth didn't respond and now Numitor won't either." It was a poor attempt at humor.

Captain Savel took another step closer to Dewey. "Our communication system is operating within specified parameters, Captain." Her voice took on an almost sympathetic tone. "I must strongly advise against your intervention in this legal procedure."

"And what would you have me do?" Dewey was annoyed, not with her but just the situation in general. "I can't just standby and do nothing as he faces punishment for his actions... which were intended to rescue me, in case you forgot."

"On the contrary," Savel's logic was about to interject itself, "standing by on this matter is precisely what you must do. You are the Executive Officer of Argo and the Commanding Officer of this ship; your duties require you to fulfill your specified obligations to both. Furthermore, you have not been included in these proceedings."

Dewey let out a deep sigh, he knew she was right but he wasn't going to be able to oblige. "What do you think the outcome will be if I don't do something?"

The woman folded her arms across her chest as she thought for a moment. "It has long been my experience that motives do tend to sway juror impression. However, regardless of Captain Razor's good intentions, the fact remains that he assaulted Officers aboard Outpost Argo, stole Starfleet property to use in an unauthorized manner, and remained AWOL for a significant period of time. Although his motive and intentions were well-natured, the fact that he broke several Starfleet regulations and Federation law will not be overlooked. Logically, the jury will find him guilty of some charges."

A sour look crossed Dewey's face as he quickly picked up the remainder of the clothes on the bed and carelessly threw them into the suitcase. "And that's why I have to do something... anything." He slammed the suitcase shut and preceded towards the door. Captain Savel followed, Jeepers knew to stay in.

The two Captains walked side by side down the hall. "Exactly what is your plan, Captain?"

"I'm not sure yet." He smirked at her. The Vulcan did not convey any form of amusement at his remark. Dewey cleared his throat as they continued to walk. "I'm just going to talk to them. Do my best to convince them that what Razor did was a matter of necessity. Hopefully it'll be enough to change the outcome."

"Your level of subterfuge in this matter is unprecedented." Savel almost sounded shocked. "I believe your prolonged exposure to Romulans may have altered your perception of the justice system."

Dewey stopped dead in his tracks and looked at the Vulcan with his mouth wide open. "That... comes off as a little racist." He nearly chuckled having never expected such words from her.

Savel raised an eyebrow, "Forgive me, Captain. I was not attempting to exert any form of bigotry. I was merely making an observation based off of what is known about Romulan culture and society. It has long been recorded, even in their own history, that matters involve..."

Dewey threw up his free hand and chuckled as he began walking again. "I got it." Savel followed him.

The two Captains entered the Gladiator's main shuttle bay. Dalmor was standing next to the runabout positioned in the center of the bay. Dalmor was the ships cook and former Cardassian spy who was instrumental in Captain Dewey's rescue from the Romulans and return to Starfleet.

"I was under the impression you would be traveling alone." Savel stated.

"It is a long trip." Dewey responded. "I was hoping to bring Major Serat along. But, uh, turns out his prolonged absence while helping me wiped out all his leave days..." Dewey mumbled, "and then some."

"It is likely better that he not accompany you." As she said this Dewey turned to give her a curious look. She explained, "The last time Dalmor and Major Serat teamed up to assist a Captain of this Task Force there was a fair amount of death and destruction involved."

"Yeah, to save me, Savel." Dewey shot back.

"Actions for which I, and a great many others, will forever be grateful for. Never the less," Savel continued, "his presence would likely cause Sub-Marshal Numitor to take drastic action. This would not be favorable for you."

"Fair enough." Dewey said as the two had slowed to a stop at the runabout. "Take care of my ship while I'm gone."

"Captain, since my assignment to the Gladiator I have commanded this ship for 391 days and 7 hours between your arrest, various duty required absences, and leave. I believe I am qualified to oversee the operation of this vessel for a short period of time until you return from this endeavor." Savel spoke in a very matter of fact style tone.

Dewey switched the suitcase to his other hand. "That's the joy of having a Captain as my First Officer."

"If you have the opportunity to speak with Captain Razor, please convey to him my salutations." Savel's tone was professional and stoic as usual.

Captain Dewey smiled as he said, "I will be sure to pass along your very heart filled and deeply emotional concern for his wellbeing."

The woman's eyes widened slightly. "That is not the nature of the message I wish to be relayed."

The man smiled briefly before holding up his hand in the traditional Vulcan salute.

Captain Savel returned the gesture. "I implore you to exercise caution in this matter, sir."

Dewey dropped his hand, "Where's the fun in that?" Dewey turned to board the runabout when Savel interrupted him.

“Captain.” She said to get his attention. “I have observed cases, in the past, where the defense had individuals sitting on their side of the court martial. It does tend to sway the jury away from agreeing with the prosecution. Your presence near Captain Razor may be enough to accomplish your goal.”

Captain Dewey nodded once, “Thank you.” Dewey started to board the shuttle as he shouted over his shoulder, “And I’ll try not to cause too much trouble while I’m gone.”