Dossier: Aonala Zephryiss

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Medical Evaluation compiled by Science Officer Rok'Thar:

Name: Aonala Zephryiss
Rank: Commander (I.K.S. Equivalent: Battle Captain.)
Ship: I.K.S. Sky Dragon (Formerly of the Romulan Republic)
Age: 28 Standard Years
Species: Taag
Height: 220 Centimeters
Weight: 95.34 Kilograms

-The Taag are a race of tall and hardy humanoids, molded by the arid and nearly inhospitable world they lived on.

-Bone density appears to be much more robust than that of Romulans, but not quite as strong as a Klingon.

-Her Cardio-vascular structure is somewhat similar to that of a humanoid such as a Romulan, or Human even.
Though her heart rate is considerably slower, and blood vessels somewhat smaller, to keep pressure at desired levels.

-Liver seems to work at a much more efficient level than most species, preventing clotting and other issues in the blood vessels.

-Dermal layer is fairly average, aside from the scale-like features around the forehead, chin and neck. A line of scale-like features travel down the spine.

-The Taag eyes seem to have an almost reflective quality to them, I speculate to shield against the harsh environment of their home planet, as with most species evolutionary traits something of this nature has surely caused it.

-Hearing is above normal. Acute and sensitive. Their long ears can detect a surpising range of frequencies, as well as sense accurately the direction of the sound. Their ears can accurately detect changes in wind direction
Their ears and head spines seem to be able to sense moisture in the air, which appears to have been a precious commodity on their dry, arid world.

-Blood toxicity levels are off the chart. Uranium deposits from their homeworld were apparently absorbed into their blood over time. While toxic to most species, the Taag seem to have adapted to this trait, allowing them to be remarkably resistant to toxins and the harmful effects of radiation. It is likely this trait will slowly decline, due to the destruction of Taagath, the Taag homeworld.

Homeworld and society:
Little is known of Taagath, the Taag homeworld. Before its destruction it was described as an inhospitable world filled with vast wastelands of sharp rocks and harsh winds. Still, the Taag not only survived in this harsh climate, but adapted to it and made it their own.

Taagath was destroyed in the wake of the Hobus star supernova, with only a small amount of the population surviving.

Very little of Taag civilization and their warrior culture remain, as the Taag people were scattered amongst the stars with the destruction of their homeworld. Many survivors joined up with Romulan and Reman survivors, their cultures becoming intermingled. While it is believed that small colonies of Taag exist, the locations of such colonies are as of yet unknown.

Service Record




[information unavailable]


[stardate 90599]
-Officer in question was attache to the Romulan Republic for Strike Force Kargas. Unknown circumstances forced the Commander to revoke her allegiance with the Romulan Republic and defect to the Empire. Thus far, her loyalty to the Empire has been unwavering.

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