Dossier: Penny BlackKnife of Renegade Security and Combat Consulting Inc.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>STARFLEET SECURITY REPORT: PENNY BLACKKNIFE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

AGE: 32 (based on prime universe counterpart age)
POINT OF ORIGIN: "MIRROR UNIVERSE" Exact birthplace unknown
Gender: Female
Sex: Male/Female

Species: Chameloid (suspected, only other known Chameloid in alpha quadrant is CDR Penni Black, Atarfleet, USS Marie'Anne)


According to Penny BlackKnife, she and most of her crew served as intellectual slave labor for the new Terran Empire of the so-called Mirror Universe.

Purportedly, BlackKnife organized a sudden mutiny during an incursion by Terran Empire forces into our universe. They took control of the ship, jettisoned the dead and any Terran officers who remained loyal, and faked the destruction of the vessel. These events are partially substantiated by the details of event #997562-MU (ooc: see mission Crack in the Mirror). BlackKnife claims to have lead the team that developed the method by which the Empire brought ships through from the other universe.

Since arriving in this universe, BlackKnife has been elected captain by her crew and begun establishing a reputation as a mercenary and crew with very wide ranges of capabilities. She has apparently arranged such licenses with the New Romulus government and the Ferengi Commerce Authority.

Over the past 24 months her activities include variations of the following:

-Design/Deployment of Deep Space Very Wide array (Mol'Rihan government}
-Combat Extraction of Agent (Mol'Rihan)
-Orbital Defense Grid deployment (private party)
-Colony Support Project: Automated Ground Defenses (Mol'Rihan)
-Colony Escort and Support (Klingon Empire)
-Various bounties posted by Ferengi Commerce Authority
-Combat Extractions: Slaves (all Orion pirates killed in the action)
-Colony Escort and Support: Civilian Operation
-Search and Rescue: Retrieved abducted members of remote colony.

Details of missions are all publicly available from the Company's comm channel.

BlackKnife's group, Renegade Science and Combat Consulting Incorporated (RSCC Inc.), Is licensed under the New Romulus Government and the Ferengi Commerce Authority. These licenses grant the group legal right to carry all legal forms of military grade weapons and shipborne armaments. Licensing under the FCA requires RSCC to fulfill all contracts, and as the RSCC membership consists of a number of Ferengi citizens, contracts are generally negotiated through those members. To date the RSCC and the FCA have not engaged in any known legal disputes, due mainly to effective representation by it's Ferengi members.

The RSCC maintains an unusual level of transparency for a mercenary group. It's public database currently boasts a force totaling 3 starships: I.S.S. Renegade[flagship], I.S.S. Grendal[scout class], and I.S.S. Metis [research vessel]. It is also known to operate a number of high-capability shuttles, and a soldier force totalling at least 100 in addition to vessel crews. These forces figured prominently in a combined operation with another, now defunct, mercenary group known as the Dread Corpse. The two groups were hired to combat mercenary and anti-government forces on an unaligned colony planet in the Raveh Sector.

In addition to it's combat operations, RSCC also offers scientific, colonial and exploration support to a number of clients. These endeavors are judged to be nearly as lucrative as their combat operations. And while the RSCC prefers payment in latinum, a number of operations supporting colonies aligned with the Federation have resulted in payment in the force of various resources.

RSCC Soldiers and crew also benefit from a generous salary and benefits package, including hazard pay, severance, and death benefits. These soldiers and crew are also reported to be highly trained and disciplined.

Independent observations and observations by Starfleet Security operatives, indicate Commodore BlackKnife to be an effective field commander as well as a gifted scientist. However, she does not involve herself in day to day business operations, leaving such matters to the Coxswains of her vessels and their teams. The RSCC's reputation, and compliance with the stipulations of all it's contracts, including failure penalties, make it reliable in any interaction with official bodies. It has invariably refused contracts that place it in combat with recognized governments and requires it's members to comply with local laws.

Penny BlackKnife and her forces are not assessed to be a general security threat and normal precautions appropriate for dealing with any unaligned military force should be taken.

I.S.S. Renegade: Unknown location