DS13 Engineering: Inspect Leftover Electrokinetic Interface Units

Briefing: Deep Space 13 has in its possession three crates of electrokinetic interface (a.k.a. Irreo sign translator) units leftover from Project Roechalcagh, and is about to receive a delivery of several more. The Engineering department has been asked by JAG to inspect these leftover units for any oddities.

GM / OOC Contact: @TheSophist

IC Location: Deep Space 13 Tech Lab

OOC Requirements: DS13 engineers only

OOC Notes: Volunteers will participate in a short GMed event and then produce a report on their findings for Cmdr. Sivath and Cmdr. Aloran. I will be running this event sometime in the next week between Gamma+2 and Delta. Please do not volunteer if you are not available in that window.

Further Reading: Cmdr. Sivath's deposition on Ashkeph and Project Roechalcagh
Liem will be there!
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I have been swamped at work this past week, but hopefully I can schedule something for next. I'll follow up here with details when I can commit to a date.
I know I haven't gotten Aveti checked in with Sivath yet but if I can before this event I'd like to join. Any day besides Friday and Saturday next week should be good.
This event will be held on Thursday, Aug 24th at gamma+3. That's 10PM US Central time. We'll try to start promptly and keep it short but you know how that usually goes.
Suvik will be there!
Can actually get Vangilder outta mothballs! :)
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Of course the game would tank now. Sorry folks, we'll reschedule this for sometime next week. I'm going to be buried under water for the rest of the weekend and beyond, but as soon as I surface again I'll pick a day for the do-over. Thank you for attending and I hope to see you back next week.
I'd like to tentatively reschedule this for Thursday, Aug 31st at gamma+3. So once again, that's 10PM US Central. This event may get pushed if I lose power or internet, but so far so good.
That will work for me, though if it does get pushed again I can't until at least Sept 11th.
I'm game for that.
This is tonight!
Sorry for last second notice but I can't make it with Aveti.
Assignment completed by Liem and Lir. Conclusion: translator units produced off-site are identical to units produced on DS13. Report to follow.
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