DS13 Executive Officer | To: CAPT Caspius

Security Level 1 - Open

TO CAPT Caspius
CC --
FROM LCDR Kermit, J.

SUBJ DS13 Executive Officer

Captain Caspius,

Please accept this message as my intent to seek the position of Executive Officer of Deep Space 13.

I have spent virtually my entire career in the DS13 Operations department. As an Ensign, I began volunteering for extra shifts and away missions to gain experience. Throughout my tenure, my primary posting has been in Main Operations. As I gained seniority, I very often found myself serving as Officer of the Watch on various shifts and prior to the arrival of senior officers. In 2416, I advanced to Assistant Chief of Operations. In 2417, I spent a significant portion of the year acting as Chief of Operations during Commander Hanson's leave. Finally, in 2418, I served as Acting Executive Officer during the final stages of repairs to the starbase.

In addition, I have intermittently served in the temporary roles of Executive Officer, USS Atlantis and Commanding Officer, USS Asimov for short-duration missions.

I'm certain there are other candidates for this position that I could not hope to compete with in terms of rank, time in service, or command experience. I'm also certain that none of them will match my personal investment and dedication to the position and to our starbase. I am the right person for the job.

Lieutenant Commander James Kermit
Starbase Operations, Deep Space 13

//ATTACHMENT// Dossier: Kermit, James