[DS13] Find Origin of Broken Honor Blade

Type: Ground
Scope: All personnel that wish to help
Timeframe: Begins spontaneously, continues until you have an answer.
Requirements: Needs @dienonychus and @aumerie online.
Notes: There are two ways to complete this assignment; completing this will kick off a new plotline for the entire fleet.

Assigned By: Erei'riov Aurelia t'Veras, RRW Anarhai.
Description: The Ferengi trader Kraig recently brought on-board a broken dathe'anov-sen, or honor blade, once owned by the s'Veras family, which could lead to information regarding what happened to members of that same family who disappeared forty years ago. This is a favor to Aurelia, one she will repay in kind for those who are involved. Either interrogate the trader to find out the planet where he found the blade, or use scientific and medical equipment to examine the blade it self to track down said planet.