Duty Officers

I'ma ask a game, like the actual game game, related question. Don't faint.

Is there any way to get specifically tactical, operations, or medical officers?

I suspect the answer is "HAHA, YOU WISH", because if it wasn't, then I probably wouldn't be asking this because I wouldn't always already see the 'easy' doff bars filled all the time while these other three categories fill so achingly slow... >_>

Still, thought I should check, since it's the only method through which I contribute to the fleet anymore. :p
Duty officers of the specific types can be purchased from a vendor on the Ops level of the fleet base, in the side room where the Officer of the Watch is located. Commons are 500 Fleet Credits each.
OF COURSE IT COSTS MONEY. sigh. Oh well, good to know, anyway.

Also... what is a kudos and why do I have one? D:
Kudosii are like thumbs up, but they're not really enabled on this website 'cause it's a freebie. ..so I have no idea how you got that. Another enjin forum?

And the money is fleet credits! The stuff you earn from contributing! You ought to have some a'ready!
... wait.

If they cost fleet credits, but you get fleet credits for contributing DOFFs... what's the net gain/loss? >_>

And I don't participate in other Enjin forums. :| how mysterious.
I'm not 100% certain on my number here, but I believe you get 150 fleet marks per common duty officer contributed. So that's 500-150 = 350. So you'd be losing 350 fleet marks per common duty officer paid for via fleet marks!