Emergency Medical Report - Patient Commander Faerith

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Commander Lindresko, Soa’
Attending Physician, Medical

Patient: Commander Faerith
I.R.W. Dawn of Autumn
Commanding Officer
Romulan Republic

Preliminary scans were initially inconclusive. Automated medical scanning systems were unable to identify the Commander’s species. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the Commander was no longer fully Romulan. Her DNA appears to have been genetically combined with Orion genes and DNA strands, as if her physical appearance were no indication. Upon visual inspection, the patient has drastically changed from database records, her skin taking on a greenish hue, along with hair follicles and iris color, indicating an alarming change in genetic structure. Blood and genetic material testing is underway, however both are showing signs of both Romulan and Orion genetics, to include the Orion pheromone physiology. Modern medical science techniques do not possess the capabilities necessary to enact these changes on any being, aside from the occasional appearance-changing surgeries available.

Additional analysis indicates that the patient’s genetics were not the only effects enacted upon the body. Several lacerations and microscopic scarring indicate many incredibly intense surgical procedures. Upon closer inspection and a deeper scanning, the lacerations through various parts of the Commander’s body are revealed to be the complete severing and surgical reattaching of the limbs and various body parts. Notable severings are as follows: Various dissection of both ventral and dorsal areas, more specificly along the spinal column, abdominal and thoracic areas, down along the umbilicus towards the pelvic area, continuing to both femoral, patellar, and crural areas. There are even confirmed internal scarrings in areas in and around the gluteal region, inguinal area, and sternal region. It would be a safe assumption that the patient was unconcious during these operations, as any one of these would prove too much shock to the sensory systems for most species. Most, if not all, scarring is incredibly close in time lapse. It is uncertain at this time whether or not whoever did these operations attempted to combine body parts from other species as they have the genetics and DNA of the subject.

Lastly, patient initial mental observations. We are awaiting for the subject to attend a counseling session with station personnel, but initial observations indicate that the Commander is severely traumatized and mentally scarred due to events prior to Captain Thomson recovering her. The patient has been seen retracting into herself, closing herself off, shifting her eyes around corners of rooms and corridors, avoiding contact with most personnel, hesitation to permit medical scanning, and an acute wariness, if not outright fear, towards injectors.

Through all of these oddities, the patient is otherwise mobile, aware, and healthy if one overlooks the medical examinations, and is very persistent in expressing the need to work and keep herself occupied, usually on the unknown vessel upon which she and her crew were found. The patient has not been observed sleeping in three (3) solar days. Future scanning and examinations recommended. END REPORT.



I find the scar tissue around the Commanders wounds very disturbing, which only corresponds and intensifies with the DNA scramble that has been visible to scans and even... the naked eye. I know I was personally confused with the initial scan, and thus was even more uncertain about the likely hood of the scenario that was being pushed into my mind - which was rather farfetched and any other time, I wouldn't have believed it. By the time I had completed my scans, I felt it necessary to examine them more closely during a more in-depth examination, which will be conducted at a far more appropriate time.

Due to the ... obscurity of these findings, the Commander will need to be station bound for the foreseeable future, so that should her condition worsen, the medical team will be available to her on an almost constant time slot. This in mind, Captain Thomson specified the need to know if Commander Faerith was Combat ready. While we're still waiting for all data to coincide, I had to stress she was far from it. This isn't just as a physical worry, we're still not one-hundred percent on her current mental status.

It's this particular bodies recommendation she be placed off of active duty immediately until an active solution and more thorough examination can be carried out.

Commander Lindresko, Soa’
Attending Physician, Medical
Task Force Argo
Starfleet, UFP