Endeavour Crew - Gift Exchange

To: @USS.Endeavour
CC: CAPT Mirazuni (@Sam )
From: CMDR Eunbi
Subj: Gift Excnahge

Endeavour Crew,

Over the past few weeks you have all worked very hard and deserve all your praises sung.

As you have all no doubt seen the Fleet is doing a Toy Drive in lieu on the usual gift exchange this year and I encourage everyone to sign up.

I have also decided to host our own gift exchange between the crew. I am setting a deadline of the of Stardate 98944.9 (Sunday 11th at Beta) to sign up. Once sign ups have been completed I will then assign names to each crew member that has signed up and you have 1 week to get gifts for your person which myself and the counselling department will distribute.

Please respond to this communication with your interest for signing up.

Commander Jung Eunbi,
First Officer
USS Endeavour



To: CMDR Eunbi, J.
CC: LT Reyes, M.
From: MAJ Valencia, G.
Subj:RE: Gift Exchange

Sign us both up! Brie and Miriam, please!

Major Gabriella Valencia
MACO Team 32 Lead, U.S.S. Endeavour
38th Fleet β€œArgo”

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To: CMDR Enubi, Jung (@Eunha)
CC: LT Shinwa, Tsurugi
From: LTJG Mitsuki, Rumiho
Subj: RE: Gift Exchange

Ooh!!! Me, enter me too sir!

And Tsu as well, he is definitely telling me he wants to be entered!


Lieutenant Junior Grade Mitsuki Rumiho
Flight Control Officer,
U.S.S. Endeavour


To: CMDR Eunubi, Jung ( @Eunha )
From: LTJG Sovum, Veneela
Subj: RE: Gift Exchange

Please sign me up for the gift exchange, I think it would be a lot of fun!

LTJG Veneela Sovum
Medical Doctor,
USS Endeavour


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