Engineering Communications

TO: All officers of the 38th fleet Engineering department.
FROM: CMDR. R. Brot'la
SUBJECT: Meeting

Fellow Engineers,

For two weeks now I have served as your chief and primary voice in Fleet politics, but I came to the attention that I lack a certain knowledge about most of you. A personal connection
I find it important to know my senior staff and so I implore all officers to contacte to schedule a meeting time. This includes essential Noncom as well.

Next I would like to adress the recent change in DC team configuration. We are one fleet. Both federation and Romulan Republic have equal stakes in holding down the sanctity of our cooperation. If I notice any discrimination or hostilities, you will be reprimanded accordingly. Make no mistake, I speak light of most subjects, but acceptance is vital to our success.

With that being said, I wish you all a good week. Meet with your new team, train with them and make sure you have a bond. Any problems can be adressed to your senior officer or myself.

Mutando Conservamus. Through change, we preserve.

Commander R. Brot'la
Chief Engineer DS13
Starfleet Advanced Technologies
Deep Space 13 - 38th Fleet 'Argo'