Evaluate and assist Romulan Halfway station

The Independent Rihannsu world of Mirhassa has established a medical center on an asteroid in neutral space (a halfway station if you will) to aid those still disaffected by the Empire and Republic following the schism and the Iconian War. Ambassador t'Sarnev requests a team from Argo to help inspect and offer assistance to the doctors operating it as a sign of cooperation.


GM / OOC Contact: @Master_Dex

IC Location: Short briefing on base followed by trip to a Rihannsu Medical Center (Romulan Ship Interior)

OOC Requirements: Likely best run on a weekday evening or weekend (weekend time depending on my week to week availability). Romulan themed story, but both Romulan and Starfleet characters are invited (and encouraged, even if you don't take part in any other Romulan RP)

OOC Notes: This is technically a one shot story but it hints at further plot threads and features elements of Mirhassa (including Mari for the briefing), first encountered during the original Terix arc (and also being the home world of Rekar). The mission itself is a good will mission but there will be chances to learn background info on a lot of things depending on questions asked, what is done, etc. There may even be a surprise or two.
Several likes and no bites yet, heh. Well, I put it in here because it doesn't require a set time to do it, more just the interest. I guess I'll wait and see.

(This is technically a bump as well)
I don't have any Romulan characters, but when this happens i'd be happy to bring Brecken along.
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I do not have any Romulan alts in the fleet, and I do not play them well.
Guys, re-read my post... I said both Romulan and Starfleet...
Hey, Im both Romulan and Starfleet
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You need a Rommie rep and I'm around/available, Thue can come with Aensai.
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I think it would help if we had a time!
I was under the impression the difference between available assignments and events was that they are scheduled around interested parties less than specific times, thus I didn't specify.

Maybe I misunderstood how this works.
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I was under the impression the difference between available assignments and events was that they are scheduled around interested parties less than specific times, thus I didn't specify.

You're correct. The point of these is for people interested to contact you via this thread, forum PM, in-game, telegraph, what have you. Once you have the amount of people you need you will schedule the event.
I would amend this to be that you're not incorrect, you can schedule to your audience or you can tell them when to show up. The difference in my mind between an assignment and a full event is that the former is meant for a smaller or limited group of players, as opposed to events which are usually open to all, without any prereqs.
This may be the source of my troubles, as I generally dislike unscheduled stuff and don't do impromptu things so people can always get on board instead of getting lucky. It downsides by me having less stuff than most since I fight the schedule and am often content to bar Trek when things are slow instead of doing a big thing. Thus the majority of my RP Canon is only in my head and doesn't pull as much interest as ongoing RP.

Not that I want to compete or hold anyone at fault. This is an analysis, but it is also off topic so I'll leave it. Anyway I figured gauging interest and working a time from there as easiest.
Sorry, my bad. I would be interested but only if I'm around when it happens. Scheduling things around me during evenings is problematic because of family commitments.
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Ok so I'll be honest and admit I forgot this was here. Go me, heh.

So I can't really tell if there was actually interest in this (I think I made it sound too bland or unappealing), so I guess I am asking for a second count since it's been months now. I might retool a small segment of it too (like on a ship instead of a station kind of small change). I don't want to decide a time without some input.
I'll be glad to help out Dex, what date are you looking at having this?
I updated the first post to show it'll be an evening time (likely gamma range or so, maybe a bit earlier if needed, but not later). Day is less an issue currently. I'll use a doodle if I have a clear idea of at least 3 interested people (I don't want to assume the people 3 months ago are still in if they don't say).