Event Horizon and Holodeck Incident Report

Filed By:
CDT Aetah

On Call Response

LOCATION Deep Space 13 Event Horizon Lounge and Holodeck 1.

OUTCOME Ensign Tagrath rendered unconscious and carried to Medical.


  • CAPT Nimitz, A.
  • CAPT Nimitz, T.
  • ENS Tagrath, K.
  • THIRD Lorso’toran
  • CDT Aetah

NARRATIVE This one was merely an observer, and only caught the last half of the conversation. Ensign Tagrath and Lorso’toran got into an argument and were both very mean to each other. Then, they decreased proximity to each other and prepared to initiate combat. There was pushing and it was very rude. However, CAPT T. Nimitz made them stop and told them to go to the holodeck to fight.

This one brought up the concern that they could hurt each other very badly on the holodeck and the Captains and I went to stop it. I stayed back to see if anyone else could come with me to help. When I arrived, the ensign was already unconscious on the floor.

CAPT A. Nimitz held onto Lorso’toran while CAPT T. Nimitz diagnosed the situation and applied painkillers. This one picked up the Ensign and carried him to the medical bay.

RECOMMENDATION The ensign and third were being very mean to each other. They were very pugilistic and combative. This one recommends that they be put in a room together and told to be nice to each other or else.

RECOGNITION This one wishes to lament that some of the junior crew did not feel obligated to ensure that nobody was hurt. There was also some debate on whether or not their sparring would be okay or if someone would get hurt. Swifter and more decisive action would have made everything a lot better.

OOC Everything is from the perspective of Aetah. OOCly, the entire thing was spectacular and I’m glad that the newest fleet members got to have an exciting sign-off at the end of the day. Everyone had fun and a good time.