Explore K-1406 [Aries]

As part of Starfleet's ongoing Exploration Initiative, a number of points of interest have been charted by deep space probe telemetry in the Kelterre Sector. The 38th Fleet has been charged with sending follow-up exploration missions to these locations.

POI K-1406 is non-planetary binary star system. The area is notable for particle emissions that are not commonly found in uninhabited binary star systems. Stellar analysis equipment is available for requisition for this assignment.


GM / OOC Contact: @bobisgod171

IC Location: POI K-1406, Kelterre Sector

OOC Requirements: Aries Squadron

OOC Notes: Speak with your Squadron Leader ICly before replying here to accept this assignment.


Assignment Complete: http://argo.enjin.com/forum/m/6618775/viewthread/28538558-aar-exploration-k1406-kelterre-sector
Having had confirmation from Captain Morton, the Endeavour is prepared to set off on an exploration mission to the given location. Captain Bishop stands by for DS13 clearance.