Fiona Skye - Logs

Helios Logs
Spoiler: 07FEB2416Show
As the log loads up Fiona's face comes into focus in her ready room aboard the Helios, with a small grin on her face.

Personal Log - Stardate 93101.1 of 2300 hours, ship time, we are on final approach for DS13 and our new posting...good to be getting back out here.

Stands up to walk around in front of the camera a bit, as she does this the rest of her comes into view in her standard duty uniform, as she walks off screen a few times still talking.

As I mentioned in my last log before departure, we still have a fresh crew, not even a full year since graduation but they seem a good bunch and worst case my senior staff is all still from the original crew when I was first assigned as X.O.

She pauses mid-stride as she thinks about this.

It feels so long ago now, I was only promoted last year, my word... She trails off as the intercom beeps Computer pause recording. As the recording resumes. Right, that's us about to begin our final approach with DS13 so I will see whoever is watching these next time. Computer end recording.
Spoiler: 12FEB2416Show
As the log loads up, Fiona's face comes into focus aboard the Helios, as she comes into focus she looked tired and worn weary slightly.

Well, that was fun....giant ants...why did it have to be giant ants of all things...

Lightly running her hand through her hair

We beamed down to a planet to look for some missing colonists but all we found was blood and giant ants and more giant ants...well you know my dislike for regular ants never mind giant ants.
Yea, so I was in charge of the away team sent down to investigate, with a Doctor, a Counselor and an Engineer. When we got down...well It will all be in the AAR anyway...

As she stands up, to walk around the room.

Talking about the AAR I should probably start writing that up soon...oh I wish something would come, I hate writing reports...
Computer end recording.
Spoiler: 17FEB2416Show
As the log loads up, Fiona comes into view aboard the Helios, as she comes into focus she looks somewhat worse for wear, her hair is disheveled and such.

Well, that was fun...the entire station was put to yellow alert when a Klingon battle group crossed into Federation space. To counter this, the Helios along with all other available ships were launched to intercept and attempt to stop them...When we got there though not everything was a simple as it seemed, there was a second Klingon fleet in pursuit of the first. Apparently, the first fleet had gone rogue.

Our group leader attempted to hail them when we arrived before we were engaged by the first fleet when it split off into multiple sections. At this point the Helios had formed up with the Endeavour and the Hellas, we held back from the fight slightly to be able to intercept any ships if needed. Which it was at the lead of the first Klingon fleet broke off with a smaller group to try and get to the nearby system upon which our three ships moved to intercept....and this is starting to sound more and more like an AAR, hey it might save me some time at least then.

Our crew performed well during the battle, I'm proud of them, I admit I may have had my doubts before about how they would hold up but I can say those doubts have been put to rest, just can't let them become overconfident now. Our medical team is lucky at least aboard the Helios, only a few minor injuries, a few slightly more severe from the response teams we sent to the Vanguard when it had been boarded. I feel sorry for the Vanguard and her crew, a bomb detonated mid beam out inflicting casualties and damage in their engineering section.

Luckily, the Helios isn't too severely damaged just a few minor repairs needed for her, she did well in her first proper fight after her refits. Shouldn't be long and we will be back at 100%. Now I should probably actually write my AAR...going to be fun.

Computer end log.
Spoiler: 06MAR2416Show
As the log loads up, Fiona comes into focus, standing slightly back from her console lightly stretching.

Good news today, the Helios has received her squadron posting to Taurus Squadron. Should probably make my official introduction to Captain Konieczko, my squadron CO, when I get the chance. Been rather quiet after the incident with the Klingon's, not much has happened with the Helios...Got my standing orders now though, so at least we can get back out there.

Rather a short log, not much to really record.
Computer end log.
Spoiler: 10MAR2416Show
As the log loads up and Fiona comes into focus with her hair hanging loose, framing her face with a few loose strands hanging across her forehead. In the background, the sound of a shower can be heard.

"Ahh, it's good to catch up with Keri...well before I continue I should probably mention that Keri has just been reassigned to the Helios after she decided she wanted to skive..."
As Fiona says this another voice can be heard from the shower "I can still hear you! And I was not skiving I was on medical leave."
"That would be Keri, but aye I've missed working with her, already planning chaos like the old days back on Earth...Oh, we would drive my mum mad."
The sound of shower stopped as she was talking, shortly followed by the sound of a door opening"You know what, you are actually right for once, the CO's shower does feel better than the XO's."
"See, I told you so. Anyway, pass over the nameday whiskey, second shelf. Time to fully welcome you back to me."
The sound of glasses clinking together slightly before a whiskey bottle was passed in front of the camera as Keri leans forwards close to Fi as she does so. "Wait just one moment...Computer end log."
Spoiler: 17/18JUL2416 (RED ALERT)Show
*Video log starts, Fiona is on the bridge of the Helios as they arrive at the edge of the Visuvu system.*

Fi - “Captain's Log, we have just reached the edge of the Visuvu system…”
OPS- “Captain, multiple ships dropping out of warp, I count 5, no 8, no ten ships captain. They are locking weapons!”
Fi - “Shields up, Red alert! Attempt to hail them.”
*As the red alert sirens start to play*
COM - “They are not responding to hails captain.”
*As the ship suddenly rocks as the pirates open fire*
TAC - “Hull breaches on decks 4 and 5! Shields holding!”
Fi - “Return fire, all maximum weapons spread. Helm get us out of here!”
Helm - “Aye aye, plotting course for the asteroid belt.”

*The ship lurches as it takes a hit as it jumps to warp.*

Fi - “Status report?”
ENG - “We can’t go to warp the hit as we jumped fused the coils, it would take a starbase days to fix it.”
TAC - “We are down to 90% weapon and shield power.”
COM - “I’m sorry captain, but they have knocked out long range comms.”
OPS - “Contact in less than ten minutes!”
Fi - “Okay people we survived the Iconian war with this ship we can survive a bunch of pirates.”

*Recording resumes, +48 hours from Red alert being initialised, the bridge has taken massive damage with sparks flickering across the bridge along with flames, blood dripping down from Fiona’s temple.*

Fi - “Ops, Initiate a full-scale evacuation, we have to abandon ship.”
OPS - “Aye Aye captain. All hands, abandon ship, I say again all hands abandon ship.”
TAC - “Captain, what about you?”
Fi - “Someone has to buy you time.”

*As the ship starts to launch shuttle craft and escape pods, while security teams attempt to fight off the boarding parties.*

DC - “This is the Deathclaw to the Federation vessel, surrender yourself this is a no win scenario for you. Surrender.”

*Fiona can be seen moving across the Helm consoles as she needs to buy time for the escape ships*

Fi - “Well I’m sorry to tell you this, but I don’t believe in no win scenarios.”

*Fiona sits down in the Captain's chair as the space seat belts lock her in place as the engines fire as she goes to ram into the enemy ship from the warnings that can be heard.*

*As the Helios rams the enemy ship, the recording cuts out until it comes back with Fiona in a firefight on the bridge against the boarders as she is slowly forced back into her ready room where she seals the outer and inner door against them. As she sits down at her desk, phase pistol next to her as she pulls out her locket holding it close. As a massive explosion rips through the sip throwing her across the room.*

“Ahh, they appear to have had enough of us now...this is my final log as I doubt I will live past tonight. If anyone finds this log, can you please tell my daughter and my fiancee that I am sorry. I held for as long as I could hoping help would come but…”
*The log ends as the inner door is blown in as the pirates storm the room.*
MacAlpine Logs, Prereformating.
Spoiler: Stardate 93699.5 - A new commandShow
Stardate 93699.5

--- Audio Only Log ---

"Captains Log, First entry, The U.S.S. MacAlpine, Endeavour Class, under the command of Captain Fiona Skye."
"I have just finished my inspection of the MacAlpine after the completion of her shakedown cruise, and she is in top shape, along with the crew. Though some of the crew are pretty fresh with this being the first posting for some of them along with some not having seen proper combat yet. Though my senior staff has a deep pool of experience which will help in the coming weeks as I settle into the new command and rank proper."

"She seems like a good ship with state of the art kit, but her first taste of combat with me in the chair will tell me what I need to know about her. Computer end log."

--- Log Ends ---
Spoiler: Stardate 94093.3 - FailureShow
Stardate 94093.3 - 04 FEB 2417

--- Personal Log ---

As the log loads up Fiona can be seen sitting at her desk, her hair hanging loose, lightly framing her face as it draws attention to her red eyes, and the slight glisten of tear tracks reflecting in the low light of her desk light. A picture frame in her hands as she stares down at it before she starts talking.

"I failed her...she got shot and could have only daughter, I almost lost her..."

Rubs the bridge of her nose for a moment before she continues.

"I was away on some diplomatic mission, and she got shot because I wasn't there to protect her, the doctors say that she should make a full recovery physically...but I am worried that she might not be the same little fun loving Cecilia she was before...She is only 16, I don't want her to have to face reality yet."

Pauses for a few moments as she stares down at the photo in her hands.

"I hope with all my heart that she is still little Cecilia, but I worry...and apparently she ended up killing some of the pirates in self-defense...I should have been there. Nimitz should have taken more care with the away team...I don't know what I would do if I lost her...Computer end log."

--- Log Ends ---
Spoiler: Stardate 94278.2 - Liyan Cluster ordersShow
Stardate 94278.2 - 12 APRIL 2417
Spoiler: Captains LogShow
--- Captains Log ---

As the log loads up, Fiona could be seen sitting behind the desk of her ready room, a PADD in one hand as a steaming cup of tea sits just next to her other hand. Her hair, usually uniformly slicked back behind her ears would be coming undone slightly as her hair slips past her right ear lightly framing half her face as she looks down at the PADD in her hand.

"Captains Log, Stardate 94278.2, the MacAlpine has been reassigned to Gemini squadron, and we have received our first assignment with the squadron."

Would look up from her PADD at this point as she takes a sip of her tea before continuing as the looks over at the monitor on her desk as she starts to access files on that as she keeps dictating the log.

"We have been tasked with patrolling the border of the Liyan cluster as it is somewhat tense at the moment, from what the reports say, diplomatically with the two major powers locked into a cold war that could go hot at the drop of a coin. But Starfleet stepped in to help mediate peace talks, which seemed to be working post talks with the first steps of the negotiations to start being carried shortly.
However, there appears to have been complications with the negotiations as they seem to be in the process of breaking down and it appears that there is a third party getting involved to destabilise the region. So our orders are to move into the outskirts of the area and show that Starfleet is still watching the cluster and hope that the third party backs off without a confrontation."

Glances out her window as she sips her tea before she continues to talk

"At least there is a chance to put the MacAlpines refits and new crew through a few drills while on the patrol mission, along with our squadron as we move from satellite to outpost."

--- Log Ends ---
Spoiler: Personal LogShow
--- Personal Log ---

As the log loads up, Fiona could be seen sitting behind the desk of her ready room, a PADD lying on the desk next to her as an empty cup of tea sits just next to her other hand. Her hair, usually uniformly slicked back behind her ears would be coming undone as her hair hangs loosely around her face as it hides her face from the camera slightly as she looks down at her desk.

"Personal log, the MacAlpine has received new orders...we are to go and patrol the border of some Liyan cluster and look out for any signs of interference with the peace conference going on..."

She would sigh softly as she says this as she turns to look out her ready room's window for a moment before she resumes talking still looking out the window.

"There are concerns voiced by my squadron commander that the Klingons might be involved in some way and that really would be the icing on the cake...the situation is already a diplomatic and literal minefield with the major powers at each other throats, or so it seems...I feel like if something goes wrong out here, I am going to be thrown to the wolves as I have been ordered to only fire in self-defence and lethal force has not be authorised. Computer end log..."

She would be seen rubbing her hands across her face with a tired sigh as the log ends.

--- Log Ends ---
Spoiler: Stardate 94291.8Show
Stardate 94291.8 - 17 APRIL 2417

--- Captains Log ---

As the log loads up, Fiona can be seen sitting in the captain's chair on the bridge of the USS MacAlpine as her bridge crew moves about around and behind her going about the routine business of running a ship the size of the MacAlpine. As the light catches the tall standing screen behind Fiona slightly.

"Captains log - supplemental, stardate 94291.8, the USS MacAlpine has is currently still in warp with a course laid in for the Liyan cluster as per the log before departure. The crew has gotten to grips with the refitted equipment now, and the squadron is starting to settle in nicely, only time will tell though how well it all works together. We are estimated to arrive at the cluster in the next day, or two should nothing come up delaying us, and that is when the real diplomatic fun begins. I can only hope that the situation in the cluster is nominal and hasn't deteriorated as the reports and mission brief say they have....Computer end log."