First Officer's Log, USS Einar

Personal Entry:
I have joined the Shore-leave on Risa at the request of Consular Loures and the, what seemed to be leaning towards orders, behest of Captain Tyranthor. I will note that I find the majority of activities advertised for recreation on the planet as pointless or illogical uses of time. Another additional note, the Engineering team reports that the Transporter filter I proposed has indeed removed the sand being brought back to the ship from the planet. Hopefully this prevents any further incidents such as the replicator malfunction on deck 12.

I have elected to spend my time exploring the many biological and archaeological sites on the planet.

I will be updating this log as I find sites of interest.
Personal Entry, Additional:

Lieutenant Imzavia Loures has accompanied me on my excursion into across the Resort Island on Risa. My tricorder alerted me to the presence of a naturally formed, underground structure. The Consular and I entered the cave formation and began scanning for any usual features that may possibly lead to archaeological discovery. Our readings did not find anything relating to my study of anthropology, though we did find several examples of flora containing trace elements in their cellular make up. I have logged all of this data with the ship's geologist and botanist.

D'mmos standing next to one of the Flora Specimens

Additional: A hoverboarding accident has led us to the acquaintance of a Romulan Female, self-designated 'Kirina'. Kirina crashed her hoverboard into the cave formation. She was unharmed by the accident and, following her recovery, accompanied our expedition into the formation as I gathered further data.

D'mmos, Imzavia, and Kirina meet.

I will be updating this log as I find further sites of interest.