FNS: Reports of Pirate Hostilities (Turf Wars AAR)

Pirate Hostilities Over the Kilas Colony (FNS) -

Reports have been coming in from anonymous sources that on Stardate 92385.4 there was a brief skirmish between the mostly Leethan pirate group known as the Bloodhunters and the Nausicaan pirate group known as Scorpius over the Kilas colony. Sources claim that a single Scorpius ship infiltrated the Bloodhunter's territory, and fired upon an orbiting space station, starting the conflict.

Both the planet had formerly been an independent Romulan colony. A few months ago the colony had been attacked and captured by the leader of the Bloodhunter group, Chuzuzur O'kar, with the help of other pirates, including the leader of Scorpius, the infamous Ravager of Hala. For unknown reasons it seems their relationship became less than friendly, as this attack was conducted by the Ravager of Hala himself.

The intent of the attack is unclear, as the attacking ship did not stay long enough to sustain much damage, and there weren't enough ships attacking to attempt to take control of even part of the planet or its surrounding space. The anonymous source claims the attack was meant to spark a war between the two groups.

More on the situation as it develops.