Gifts from Tilly!

William "Bill" Steele

Spoiler: A gift wrapped rectangular present, with an attached card left on Steele's kitchen tableShow

a link to the source image "Sexbound" by Clement Micarelli.

Words are poor to express the full measure of my feelings for you.
I could use them all and still not reach the core.
For all days we’ve shared, and everything we’ve already been through.
Are but a fraction of what we have in store.

A subtle glance, a wink, a hand upon my back, I’ve never felt so warm.
Never longed this much for another, in every moment we’re apart .
So when you gaze upon this painting of my form.
Never doubt for a second that you’ll also have my heart.

In her eyes the passions of my soul, and my joy in her smile.
And in the color of her cheek, my private thoughts burn.
And in her flesh the heat of my affections, though we may part a while.
Her silent invitation, makes a thousand secret promises, for my return.

Spoiler: A large brightly colored gift wrapped box, with an age appropriate greeting card. Left by the entrance to Nethali's quartersShow

You’re such a cutie, you know that? I hear you’ve got a thing for dinosaurs, and who can blame you, they’re so cool! This big guy is going to keep you safe at night, and watch over you. Don’t worry, he’s really soft and cuddly and needs a friend. I bet you’ll get along great!
Ann Carter

Spoiler: A tiny gift wrapped jewelry box, with a simple greeting card attached, left just inside Ann's quartersShow

Ann, when I saw this I thought of you. You come from a desert world, a place of horrors, some you may never feel comfortable enough to share. But like this rose, you will finally have a chance to bloom, and over time become the woman you’re meant to be. The Academy is just the start of a long and promising career, Ann. Soon you will join the officer ranks and become a colleague. When most would have given up, you never have, and that’s why you’re going to be just fine. Know that you have friends who will gladly shoulder a portion of your burdens, when you’re ready.

Spoiler: A gift wrapped rectangular present, with an attached card left behind the bar of the Event Horizon LoungeShow

You have no idea how delighted I was to discover that you’re the new owner of the lounge. It’ll mean we’ll get to see each other more, presumably. You really stuck your neck out for this fleet, and helped me play a part in saving lives. But make no mistake, you’re the one who saved them, and I am so much more than grateful for that. I hope more people will get to know the person I’ve known from the messages we’ve shared, she a is brave, honorable and complex woman, worth knowing. This gift is a token of my esteem, a good bar needs skilled staff and the tools of the trade, I can help with the tools.
Thue t'Xereth

Spoiler: A leather bound case, stripped of its paper, and a card removed from its envelope, likely by security, is left on Thue's ready room deskShow

To my favorite alien (these are the jokes), you’ve become so dear to me, in a relatively short time, but such is life among the stars, my friend. We are so different, and yet kindreds of a sort, and my day is brighter when you’re a part of it. Our friendship began with an act of trust, and that trust has only grown with time. I told you that it was implicit, and that wasn’t a lie. Which is why I give you this, for only a fool would give such a thing to an enemy or a stranger, and you are neither. Like you, it is beautiful, dangerous and mysterious. And like our time together, I know it will never be dull. Jolan'tru, my friend.
Anna Steele

Spoiler: A small rectangular package arrives by post, the paper plain and brown, under it a more festive paper, and a card to go with itShow

I wanted you to know how much your gift touched me. We’re still strangers, but you’ve made me feel welcome, and I can’t wait to meet you soon. Your son is absolutely amazing, but you already know that well. I want you to know that I care deeply for him, and will continue to do so. I assume your church uses PADD technology, but may this bible be a tangible symbol of my deep respect for you and your family. May it also be a symbol of all the good you poured into the man I love, he wouldn’t be possible without you. He is a decent, moral, honest, loving man, and an outstanding officer. He’s too modest to admit it, but we both know.
Theresa "Tess" Cayrne

Spoiler: A rectangular gift wrapped presest and a greeting card finds its way outside Tess' quartersShow

Tess, I wanted you to have this hand mirror, so that you’ll never lose sight of who you are. You’ve been through so much change in the past year, but deep down you’re still the same person you were, for better, or for worse. You have the love and respect of more people than you know, we want the best for you, no matter what you put your mind to. We hope for your success, and will be there to support you. When you doubt that, take a look at the woman you are, and trust that she is wonderful. I wish the best for your upcoming union, and for the family you are about to form. May it be strong, may it give you joy.
Emery Quint

Spoiler: A black cloth is drapped over some sort stand next to Quint's desk, atop the desk itself is a card.Show

Emery, we don’t see each other as much as I would like. We’re both so busy with our duties and life has given us both someone to focus on. I want you to know that everything I do, everything I achieve and every milestone I pass, is because you took a chance on me. None of this would be possible without that chance.

So even if we only see each other in passing, know that I will always owe you for that. And know that I will always be your friend. I know this saddle is a bit showy for your likes, but I give it to you anyway, because you are an amazing man, and you deserve to show off every now and then. You’re far better than you’ll ever give yourself credit for, but the rest of us see it, so take Beylara for a ride, and let her show you that the future will always be more important than the past.
Lauren Varley

Spoiler: A long thin jewelry box is wrapped in festive gift paper, on Lauren's desk. Next to it, a card.Show

I hope I don’t have to say that you’re a mentor to me, and that it’s a given. You are so steady, so sure, so comfortable being exactly what you are. You make the hard choices that others put off or waste time deliberating, you stand by your principles, and stand by your people when they need you to. And like you, your power bun is steady, never wavering, alway the one constant. I hope these will play a part in keeping it in place.
Neema Perim

Spoiler: A large box, wrapped in silver gift paper with little icoberries printed on it, atop it a card, stands next to the Admiral's cabin door.Show

I’ve seen a sense of playfulness and fun mischief in you that many will never see, you have sweet music in you. I know that below the surface layer is a heart beating out a wild rhythm that only those closest to you can hear. And so I gift this instrument to you, a symbolic way of saying that whatever life has in store for you, you can always take a moment and let that song out. I hope I will be able to hear it again, be well Neema.
Beylara Ailes

Spoiler: A slender jewelry box, wrapped in festive gift wrap, attached to a card, sits on Beylara's work desk.Show

Beylara, I hope this gift isn’t unwelcomed, when I saw it, it reminded me of how beautiful your hair was, last we spoke. While we’ve yet to really know each other, I can tell you are someone I want to know more. I feel we share a lot of the same qualities, a devotion to our duty, a compassion for others, a kindness. You have brought happiness to one of my dearest friends, and because of that, to me as well. I hope for the best for you both, he is a good man, and you are a good woman, may you both be good for each other. Be well.
Sara Desimone

Spoiler: A long tube shaped gift, wrapped paper with tiny movie posters all over it, with a greeting card attached to it, rests against the door of Sara's quarters.Show

I had to get this for you, come on right? You’ve hosted some of the best nights in my recent memory, and allowed me to feel welcome to be myself while doing it. The movies may be intentionally bad, but the intention behind bringing us together never was. I hope we share many more such nights, in the company of our friends.
Nethali Aster

Spoiler: A low long box, wrapped in festive gift paper sits at the foot of the Aster Family cabin door, a card atop it.Show

From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were an ass kicker. The sort of woman who’s seen just about everything, and dealt with most of it personally. You’ve made difficult choices for the benefit of your little one, and in his smile you can see that despite it all, you’re raising an amazing little guy. I can’t promise life is going to get any easier for you, or that you won’t have to kick a little ass, here or there. What I can promise is that these boots will let you do it in style. I hope you like them.

P.S. I hope the bed doesn’t freak Brandy out, I figured it was the big goofy sort of dinosaur and not nightmare fuel. Also, the offer is still open if you’d like Bill and I to sit for you, so you can blow off some steam.
Katriel Sedai

Spoiler: A stout regtangular gift, wrapped in metalic blue gift wrap sits on the work desk of the Counselor, a card atop it.Show

I hope this message finds you well. This box and the pad of paper and pencil inside it, are part of a long standing tradition on my world. It’s called al’Zil Ulana, or “Box of Joy.” When something or someone in your life does or says something that touches you, it is custom to write it down, rip the page from the pad and let it live in the box. When the day comes that you find despair, open the box and read the loose pages to remind you what is worth remembering, what makes you happy, what gives you hope. I know we are not close, much to my frustration, but you’ve helped the person I care about most, so much, and I am very grateful. So I hope that the box is always full, and you never have need to open it for long.

Be well, Katriel.
Elizabeth Steele

Spoiler: A slender jewelry box, wrapped in gift paper with the periodic table printed on it, rests on the pillow of Liz's bed, likely placed there by her mother, a card rests under it.Show

I’ll be visiting for Christmas with Bill, and meeting you for the first time, though I’ve already heard so much about you. Bill tends to brag on you, which is what brothers are for. My father once said that every girl should have a piece of jewelry that makes them feel like the woman they will become. So I’m giving you this pendant, the very one he gave to me. I remember putting it on and feeling so grown up, and I hope you’ll feel the same when you wear it. He said the butterfly was a creature that starts as one thing, but becomes another, spreading its wings and taking flight. You should wear it when Bill and I take you to Paris, which I am really excited about, by the way!