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Today members of the Federation Governing Body heard open testimony from the besieged [federation intelligence committee] Chair, Director Aseka De’Longrel. This testimony contained multiple instances of recently declassified records of Starfleet Intelligence services violating several sections of the United Federation of Planets Charter. These violations, ranging from governmental tampering to internal espionage and even a few radical accusations of violations of the [federation prime directive], have hounded the Federation Intelligence Committee for months now. The recent Declassification of still more operations conducted by branches of Starfleet Intelligence that have been in direct violation of established Federation Law are adding significant fuel to this fire.

Director De’Longrel, of Andoria, continues to argue against the open hearing but has followed the mandates give and provided the requested documents, if only in a limited fashion. She still refuses to allow Media access to the files stating “If you want to be privy to what is in a ‘Classified Document’ then you need to be someone more than a news anchor, cover the hearings and remember to press record!” as of yet the Federation Council has made no official statement in counter to this.

The file drawing the most fire on the Intelligence Community is officially titled “F-C-E” shedding dim light on the idea of Federation experimentation with Borg Assimilation Technology on ‘Living’ subjects! File [f-c-e] is being fiercely guarded by Director De’Longrel as being “Deliberately derogatory file against this Committee and what it stands for!” sighting that many of the files being ‘Declassified’ have ties to groups only clamming involvement with Starfleet Intelligence, and even listed as rouge.

Indeed history has noted several instances of sections of Starfleet Intelligence as being rouge elements cut from the agency. However the Federation still sees benefits of their actions! The list of atrocities committed by these groups is well known, the most famous, [to date] is the development and use of a biological weapon used against the Dominion Leadership during the Dominion War! Still other accusations of such groups fly alleging even violations of the Temporal Prime Directive. Where does it end?

The Director of Starfleet Intelligence Section 12, Section Chief S’Verea, has personally trumpeted the charge against Director De’Longrel and the Federation Intelligence Committee, stating “It is only right that what we do in the shadows be worthy of being brought to light. We must conduct ourselves in such a manner as to be respectable as well as efficient.” Section Chief S’Verea is listed as being at his post for twenty years and before that having served as a member of Vulcan Intelligence Services and Starfleet Command as an Intelligence Advisor.

Also present in the fray over the files are representatives from the Romulan Republic, Klingon Empire, and the Cardassian Union. Each seeming eager for the deliberations to move forward, likely to see what damages have been done to their Governments by these various groups.

This is Eric Bortan GNN’s Beta Quadrant Correspondent, signing off, stay with us as we follow the development of this story.
Galactic Network News-The only News source broadcast in Three Quadrants- This is Federation Watch!

Once again we are here in the Press Room of the Federation General Assembly building and things have once again heated up in the much argued and debated [Federation Intelligence Committee] review. File F-C-E still remains classified and defended by Director De'Longrel, however she has opened other files to public access that may very well deal a death blow to her term in office. One of these files even details an operation to cover up a section of file F-C-E by killing its participants! This station has recently been privy to information and a detailed accounting of this operation. As per an agreement to gain this information we had to hold it close to the chest till today's announcement was made.

"Citizens of the United Federation of Planets. It is with a very, unpleasent feeling I must make public the results of an investigation into Starfleet Intelligence Services. At zero-six-thirty hours local time. Information was brought forward detailing the use of deadly force upon Federation citizens in order to cover events of years past. Further review has provided a list of names of the officers involved in this coverup. These Officers will be arrested and brought for hearings before the Federation Counsel."----Director S'verra

GNN has been given the authority to make public the list of Officers as they will likely be arrested within minutes of this airing. They are Captain Andrew Meklenny, Lieutenant Commander Eric Aduvar, Vice Admiral Raven De'Meri, and Captain Emery Quint. These officers have been tied to various actions of a Section of Starfleet Intelligence designated "Special Operations Section 12" and have been listed as violating nearly thirty Federation statutes and implicated in the deaths of more than four hundred Federation Officers.

I myself cannot see why the Federation continues to give autonomy to these agencies. Perhaps some truth will be shed on these matters and more. We must be a worthy people and that means that groups such as this can not be allowed to operate with zero regard for the freedoms of the people.

Stay with us as we follow what is sure to be an enlightening investigation!
Galactic Network News-The only News source broadcast in Three Quadrants- This is Federation Watch!

Publication of Declassified documentation of Operation Templar. An operation conducted in Romulan Republic Space by Federation Intelligence operatives! We here at GNN are the first to bring you this document. UN-altered and pristine for your reviewing! When will we as a people learn we cant let groups like this operate without full over-site, we the people must know what is being done to those we call Allies! Even our own people!

Division 12 Special Operations, operation 2Gamma7Eplison9Sigma
Warning: The following Document contains information that may be restricted to access.
If you have accessed this Document in error please close this file now and contact your immediate supervisor and Starfleet intelligence.
Operation Codename: Operation Templar

Summary: Operation Templar is designed to locate and remove Tal’Shiar influence from Romulan Republic loyal colonies.
This operation will be designed to operate as a single action across multiple theaters to both maximizes the effectiveness
and minimize the response of the Tal’Shiar operations/Operatives that are targeted.

Oversight: Conducted by joint Command of Division 12 Operations Officers and Republic Intelligence Services.

Classification: This Operation is classified as “Alpha level 1” Requirements and validation by Officers
already read in with”Alpha” level authorization. Republic Intelligence Services Requirements Redacted from this transcript
for Internal Security reasons.

Goal: 73.3% reduction in Tal’Shiar influence/activity within Republic Space

This operation is designed to limit damage to the Republic Civilian population. Officers will be trained in close quarters
combat, surveillance, counter surveillance, demolitions, hand to hand combat, computer decryption, and locally spoke
languages. Whenever possible, in a civilian setting, weapons will only be set for stun. Non-lethal force is the agreed
upon method, however should the Operative feel life and limb is in jeopardy, either their own, a team members, or a
civilian lethal force maybe employed to prevent such.

Tal’Shiar operatives have been known to use families as cover for operations and so with this in mind alternative housing
will be provided by Republic Intelligence for their safety. Republic Intelligence and Division 12 will alternate custody of
captured targets so that both parties benefit from captured assets understanding of Tal’Shiar operations.

To achieve wanted results, specialized training officers are recruited to serve in the operation. Republic Intelligence has
offered up 3 Officers to train Division 12 Operatives in Tal’Shiar Surveillance and Counter Surveillance techniques. To
meet the close quarters and hand to hand training needs Division 12 has secured 3 Federation Officers to serve as instructors.

Republic Officers: ###Names have been Redacted for Republic Intelligence Operational Security###

Division 12 Officers: Commander Brian Oh’Ellam, Lieutenant Commander Ashke’Dul, Commander Emery Quint, and Commander Brianna Sellant

Have we not seen the damage this kind of thing can do? Earlier this past week, Federation Intelligence Committee Chair Director Aseka De'Longrel was killed! Division 12 Director S'Verea was placed into custody charged with the murder of Director De'Longrel. Is this the start of more coverups? More hidden agendas by people who only operate in the shadows? What about those who were to be arrested before? Was Director S'Verea's arrest an attempt to hinder the prosecution of these individuals? Was Director De'Longrel killed for that reason? Stick with us as we continue our push for the truth. This is Eric Bortan GNN's Beta Correspondent signing off.
Galactic Network News-The only News source broadcast in Three Quadrants- This is Federation Watch!

Good afternoon everyone. We are interrupting our normal broadcast discussion on the Ferengi Market to take you live to our corespondent currently on Deep Space Thirteen. There covering the Court Martial of one Captain Emery Quint. You may recall we recently reported he was ordered arrested on charges of Murder and Conspiracy. Eric? what do you have for us?

Well we are waiting outside in the designated area's for the press as Captain Quint's Court Martial is set to begin. So far Captain Quint is the only Officer listed as taken into custody form the original arrest warrant we covered weeks back. I can see, I believe that is Admiral T'Leia, heading towards the room now. There are two Captains with her. They appear to be with the '38'th Fleet. Let me see what this PADD says, OK that is Captain Wilson and Captain Tamar. I also see a Captain, definitely not of the 38'th following behind. He must be the prosecution officer. There right there I see, those three are '38'th Officers. Let me check here, yea that is Fleet Captain Perim, Captain Parsons, and Captain Quint there. Apparently the hearing is getting underway now. I am told that the Fleet Captain is serving as Defense Counsel for her own officer here, with the aid of Captain Parsons. That is interesting, ok the doors are closing and yep I can barely hear the bell. Stay tuned as we follow this, back to you in the station.

Alright Eric thank you for that update, we will get back to that once mor information has come out. Till then moving right along on our agenda for the day. Latinum, how is it being affected by the current Herald attacks? Well..[Boring Market place talk and speculations] Alright I am told Eric seems to have something for us. Eric whats going on there?

I just observed the Prosecution and Defense team exit the hearing room. Yes Capetian Quint is out as well. Must have been something fast. We see a few other people have exited and are coming our way. We will try to get a feel for whats going on. Excuse me sir, sir whats going on in there? That was a rather fast section, 'No Comment" Could you "No Comment" well, guess we wont find out much that way. Alright I can see Captain Quint speaking with the defense Officers, they seem in pretty decent spirits, I cant fathom that this would have been sorted all that quickly, if it was this is most defiantly a show and little else. They are being called back in. I can hear the bell again. Well back to waiting I suppose. We will let you know as soon as things develop further. Back to our station broadcasts.

Thanks Eric, well a fast hearing? Here with me is GNNs legal annalists and we are going to discuss what could be going on currently. Joining me are Sarah, "Hello" and Jonathan "Afternoon". So what would the two of you say of the information we have here? What is he facing. "Well first off, looking at the charges listed I am willing to say that Captain Quint would be looking at life in prison if convicted. The number of Murder charges here are to numerous not to." OK, and what do you make of both Counsels stepping back out so quickly? Could a deal be in the works Jonathan? "No, I find that unlikely, in a case such as this a plea would have been taken out of the hearing and Captain Quint would be in there still testifying on what ever the plea asked for. This seems to me that there was something presented to the Judges that needed to be considered before continuing, either a motion to amend charges or dismiss them perhaps" Do you feel that's warranted? What adjustments could be made? "Well, maybe the number of crew on the ship he is alleged to have destroyed. Each count is serious and must be accounted for correctly, otherwise its a mistrial." Time will tell. [Hours Later] We are again going live to Eric on Deep Space Thirteen Eric what do you have for us?

It seems that the initial stepping out was over amendments to the charges, Captain Parsons was seen leaving the court room and only offered up that things were proceeding and that most of the charges had been asked by the Prosecution to be dropped with the exception of the charges of Murder. Captain Parsons would not elaborate further and left the area. So like yourselves we've been out here waiting several hours and Captain Quint and Fleet Captain Perim have stepped out, as has the Prosecution Officer. I believe deliberations are currently under way. Everyone seems pretty well worked over, Ok Captain Wilson just exited and is calling everyone back inside. Here we go. [An hours Wait and conversations about silly legal junk] Alright the Court Officer is stepping out. Verdict is...An Official Reprimand, based on the destruction of the C-480. The Captain recovered the crew and destroyed the ship, falsifying the report that the crew had been killed. Currently the crew has been sent to various planets for Protective custody as the orders were apparently to execute them. Hmm Hardly at all what I expected form this hearing. Excuse me Captain Quint Any chance you'd have something to say? "Yes, your between me and the turbo lift. Excuse me" Sir about what went on why would there be an order to execute those Crew and what made you decide to question that order? "Whats the phrase I'm thinking of here...oh. "No Comment' [Turbo lift door slides shut]

[Thus concludes this little rabbit trail. Thank you to all who participated and those who stepped up at the last minute to fill in missing gaps. Thanks everyone for some great IC and OOC conversations as this went on and I'm really sorry I didn't keep a record to share, the OOC conversations about what was going on were as intense as the IC pressure would have been. I hope this was an enjoyable side show for those who watched and took interest]