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Good Morning Federation
News anchor Adrian Williams welcomes a panel of three guests from diverse parts of the political spectrum for a lively discussion of current events.

"Now have you all heard this one yet? Various news outlets are reporting on the latest results coming out of the gamma quadrant's expedition to the hur'q homeworld. Apparently the Dominion... is directly responsible for the hur'q crisis in the first place. According to some documentation recovered from the homeworld information banks, the Dominion discovered this species which was apparently originally very benign and friendly, and true to Dominion form, they tried to subjugate them by removing some key ingredient from their food supply. Then the hur'q -- missing this vital nutritional whatever -- woke up from their hibernation and just went insane. Attacking everyone."

"Well, is this really surprising? It's the Dominion, after all. They have no sense of principles or ethics. They enslave other species and tamper with their genetics to make them subservient, and corrupting their culture to make themselves into gods."

"The Federation used to take a stand against governments and species like this. I mean, of course none of us want to go to war with them, but I think it's at least worth asking if we're really obligated to risk our own officers' lives helping this nation whose principles we don't even agree with."

"Let them die on their own sword, right?"

"Right, exactly."

"I think what's worse is not that we're helping them, but that Starfleet might be turning a blind eye to certain key facts and not telling the rest of the populace about certain uncovered details, or even outright lying to us about what they find, just to keep popular support for their campaigns."

"You're not seriously buying into this Starfleet conspiracy cover-up nonsense, are you?"

"Hear me out. Four months ago when the Tzenkethi were launching their attacks against hur'q infested planets, and then the hur'q emerged and there was literally chaos everywhere, Bajor was one of the affected planets, right? We all thought that Bajor had an infestation of hibernating hur'q and that that's where they came from. All the news reports back then, even the Federation News Network, was saying that there was seismic activity before the hur'q appeared."

"Right, and?"

"Since then, there have been followups that say there weren't any hur'q burrowers on Bajor at all. No seismic activity, either. The only hur'q attackers that day were in orbit, not from beneath. This fact hasn't gotten a lot of attention, cause we're all too focused on other things -- but I mean, you would think more people would pay attention to the fact that Bajor's surface isn't ruptured by tunnels, but apparently not."

"So what? That just means Bajor was a target for the hur'q's feeding frenzy, rather than being a hibernation world, right? They're still victims."

"Yes, but why? Bajor was the only world attacked that day that had no hibernating hur'q. I can't be the only person in the galaxy who thinks that's suspicious."

"You're the only person in the galaxy who finds this suspicious."

"Well, I think the big news from this release is actually about the ah... female changeling? Seriously, why don't we have a name for her yet?"

"The leader of the Dominion?"

"Not sure she's actually the leader, just someone important? Not really sure they have an actual leader."

"Anyway, evidently she... if you'll all remember, our history with her goes way back. She was the commander of the Dominion forces during the Dominion War and on their surrender, she was sentenced to life in prison for war crimes against sentients. But Starfleet actually struck a deal in order to get her help with the rogue Jem'Hadar fleet that attacked DS9 several years back and she ended up going free because of it. Turns out that was a bad decision, cause we've now found out that she's been spending her newfound freedom impersonating a Tzenkethi admiral and was one of the main drivers in directing them to annihilate worlds with hur'q hibernating on them."

"I mean. Sentenced for life for war crimes. No one could have thought letting her go was a good idea."

"Right, well, she's dead now, or so they tell us."

"I didn't know it was actually possible to kill a Founder."

"She was also the sole person responsible for the hur'q subjugation. Or failed subjugation, rather. According to the briefing, she actually had other Founders who wanted to reveal the truth about the hur'q killed. The Dominion doesn't seem to hold much sacred, but killing another Founder let alone multiple is actually a pretty big deal to them, so in that sense at least, she's a traitor."

"So the Dominion's not actually as bad as we've been led to believe? It's all just this one Founder and she's dead now, right? That seems to justify Starfleet's decision to help."

"Or maybe she's just a convenient scapegoat. If she's dead, she can't exactly defend herself, now, can she? Anyway, how can anyone really keep secrets like this from the rest of their nation? I mean, they do know that the Vorta and Jem'Hadar are genetically engineered servants, right? And they're completely okay with that. Or is that a secret to most of them, too? Cause it sure isn't for the rest of us!"

"Okay so maybe they're not all innocent, but at least they're absolved of the worst crimes, which means we're justified in providing assistance."

"Right, well. Let's see how you feel about that when in half a year, when all the hur'q stuff has died down, the Dominion swoops through that wormhole again, but this time it's to stab us all in the back."

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((Events of Tenebris Torquent are now fleet canon.))