Greetings Officers and Crewmembers of Task Force: Argo,

My name is Sub-Marshal Numitor. I am the Republic’s Chief Law Enforcement Official for my Subdivision… you know this area as the Vendor, Hyralan, and Azure Sector. I will not bore you with the details of my position as I’m sure your government has educated you on the Romulan Justice System and it’s intricacies.

Fortunately for you I have been… selected… to interact with Starfleet on the Republic’s behalf. My Subdivision’s Command ship, the R.R.W. Ortaim (translates into “Justice”), will be my base of operations throughout the duration of my time spent with you. My ship has a number of state of the art facilities, that your ships and outpost are not likely to have, that may come in use for you to investigate specific matters to the fullest extent. I will bring my extensive skills, training, education, and experience, gained through my impressive career, to your Task Force in an effort to better your grasp and enforcement of the law in the areas in which your group operates.

I look forward to assisting all of you. Hopefully through this partnership you will all gain a bit of culture and find yourself more educated in the finer details of Galactic and local law codes.

(Hopefully no one is nodding along and is, instead, slightly offended at the pompous and rude comments made above XD )