Refinery Vessel "Hades"

This derelict Malon vessel was re-purposed as a mobile refinery vessel. The ship is capable of refining Dilithium Ore using advanced Tarigan technology. This process generates a higher amount of usable Dilithium per Ore than any other known refinement process. The ship originally had a different name, but after being told repeatedly that the ship "looked like hell", Vash changed the name to "Hades" as a inside joke with his Federation friends.

Due to the inherent value of the technology, Vash sought sponsorship from the Federation. The Federation retrofitted the vessel, reinforcing the entire hull to contain the hazardous process. They also armed the vessel with a compliment of weapons for it's protection. In exchange, they received exclusive rights to the Dilithium it produces. The terms of their contract state that Vash is restricted from selling Dilithium to anyone outside the Federation without express written permission.

The refinement process is extremely hazardous, and produces a gaseous bi-product called "Rathyon Gas". The gas extremely dangerous. Just a small amount of Rathyon is capable of killing a room full of people in minutes. Luckily the gas also dissipates extremely fast. While the refinement process is active, the gas is released through vents on the bottom of the ship where it dissipates harmlessly in seconds. This not only protects the crew, but safeguards against anyone trying to use the Rathyon Gas as a weapon.

The refinement process is contained to the lower sections of the ship. The upper sections contain the Bridge, living quarters for the small crew, and extra cargo space. This cargo space is often filled by the Federation with supplies that Hades delivers along with it's Dilithium stores.

Hades Specifications:

Main System Components:
- Aegis Systems

Forward Defenses:
- 2x Phaser Beam Array
- 1x Dual Phaser Array
- 1x Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher

Aft Defenses:
- 2x Phaser Beam Array
- 1x Kinetic Mining Laser
- 1x Photon Torpedo Launcher