Halcyon Days: Nostalgia


To Ambassador Marcus Callahan
First Earth Consulate
Vulcan Orbital Station 01

Hey Marky 2,

Before you get mad just read this, okay?

I'm safe.

Now, for the stuff you're gonna hate.

I’m on the U.S.S. Halcyon. You've probably heard about the Laika by now, jumped by Klinks out in some pokey little corner of space. It was… bad. But I got off, and so did a few others. Lauren. Kaligar. Snowglobe. I told you about Snowglobe, right? Andorian bloke, fancies himself the second coming of Shran if y’know what I mean. He's not all bad though. And he's with me here on the Halcyon.

The Captain's not bad. Kinda stick-in-the-mud-ish, won't let me smoke on the bridge, but he runs a tight ship. And the Halcyon. Whoa boy. She's one of those new Pioneer class ships, like a Connie without the fluff. She drove off the Klinks when they came at us the first time, and she's gonna get 'em back for the bloody nose they gave us. And speaking of bloody noses… Ah, nevermind. Sickness and health, you promised. So we’re going after those Klinks, we’re gonna stop them going after our ships, and then I'm gonna take off the uniform. I promise this time. I wanted to make the galaxy a little bit safer and I think I'm just about done.

I don't know when I'm gonna get a chance to send this, and I don't know when I'll be getting any more mail, but send me a few pics of Marky 3 when you get a chance, okay? The print in my pocket’s starting to wear out, and all my others were on the Laika. Plus he's probably grown up a bit since then, huh?

And tell him that mom’ll be home soon. Promise.

Love ya both.

Helena Pravakta Callahan
LCDR, U.S.S. Halcyon