Hanu System Infil MISSION


Hanu System Infil Mission - Lt Commander Boyson

Recently Starfleet Intel has detected a significant amount of Klingon warship traffic in the Hanu sector. The Hanu sector has historically been determined to transmit orders to Klingon battle groups prior to significant operations. Unfortunately, these ship are not using subspace communications to transmit any information they are receiving once in the system, as they have in the pass. Starfleet Intel thinks that they may be communicating using a direct downlink from a ship or possible a satellite in the system. They believe that the system is so far within Klingon space and low on traffic that its safe from intercept.

Starfleet has tasked us to send a SIGINT capable starship to infiltrate the system and attempt to recover any signals or communications that may be being passed via direct communications means. Its possible we could determine the location of a gathering Klingon battle group or possibly the location of a secret base within Federation space.

Comander Boyson, take the USS Indefatigable and conduct a scan of the Hanu system. Download any communication messages you find. They will likely be encrypted and require decryption back at the Task Force starbase.

It is absolutely CRITICAL that you do not become engaged with any Klingon ships in the system. If they feel their plans may have been compromised, then they are likely to act. A cloak capable ship would assist in reconning ahead of the SIGINT starship to minimize the chance of interaction with Klingon Forces. Once the mission is complete, report back to the Task Force with any intel you have gathered.

Lieutenant Jal'Shan
Task Force Argo

(( This is a foundry mission designed for Kurt Boyson to use his new shiny SIGINT Starship. The Foundry Mission is called: Hanu System Infil - TFA . It's open to anyone who wants to go with him, but he will be coordinating the time to do it. The mission itself "ends" essentially right after you enter the foundry map, and that is intended. From there it's open to the player(s) to explore the map as they see fit, find or don't find anything that is out there and get shot at, or not, by Klingons. What happens on this mission will affect the next in a series of missions involving Klingons. Good luck. ))
Lieutenant Jal'Shan, orders received. As soon as the Indefatigable has completed outfitting, I'll request the October to assist.