Has your character ever had non-replicated food? What's their stance?

Has your character ever had non-replicated food? What was their reaction? What's their general stance on replicated vs. non-replicated?
A'jhor regularly eats non-replicated food when he can but as a soldier-minded individual understands the need for "field rations."

Jarus Vrexx loves to experience knew things and has a taste for klingon cuisine which of course can't be properly replicated. He also prefers non-replicated fruit, he thinks they are typically juicier.
Arrianna is a child of the era and thinks cooking raw things is gross. Especially meat.

DePoe on the other hand prefers to cook, but due to the limited space on his ship he can't carry enough equipment in order for him to cook much, so he sucks it up and uses a replicator. As for his stance, he is indifferent to either save cooked food tastes better.
All Nexan food is technically non replicated as energy is only used to allow the growth of various base food items at ludicrous speeds.

As for Drex's reaction to replicated food, she thought it was rather boring due to the lack of bones in most available dishes. She also generally prefers raw or close to raw food as the Nexans don't really use heat for cooking their food. Its more of a mixing with various spices. This also makes her prefer extremely spicy food.
The Nexans are able to eat almost anything due to various evolutionary traits, like tungsten carbide teeth and a stomach capable of digesting metal for use in the Nexan bones/brain/nerves.
They also eat their dead rather than bury them, assuming they didn't die from decease or something toxic.

As for drinks that field was pretty alien to Drex due to her homeworld having no liquid water. She tried drinking but didn't like it when she returned to her ship where the temperature is above boiling as the drink would boil in her stomach and getting generally unpleasant.
Yes, Evlyn has experienced non-replicated food growing up. She thinks the general cache around non-replicated is mostly hype. She generally can't tell the difference unless there's some reason that the food pattern is 'bad'
Enkal is very much one for fresh food, when he can get it. Now that he is on the Hurricane he is very happy that the ship is equipped with a galley. During his youth he and his family very rarely consumed meat due to the telepathic backlash that was often found distressing as the animal was killed.

When he left to go to Earth and went to the Academy this changed when he was taken out to a local restaurants by some of the other Cadets in San Francisco where he then came in contact with the culinary delights from across the quadrant.

To this day he is happy to consume meat as long as he is not in the vicinity of the death of the animal, he has sensed and felt to much death in his years.
Kero: absolutely non-replicated Bloodwine. She will have replicated Raktajino, but prefers fresh.

No fresh gach. Replicated? I guess that would be dead gach so no either way. She loves Chinese dumplings ;)

She'll prefer fresh food but replicated is all right (aside for the Bloodwine).
K'meiuu drinks non-replicated tea (and only non-replicated tea if she can help it), going so far as to have about a ton of assorted teas aboard Tavistock. She has also hunted her own meat, both by rifle and with her bare claws.

Otherwise, K'Meiuu doesn't really care replicated or not, though she can taste the difference.

As a side note, some Caitians consider Clan M'rella's use of the rifle (short-range powder-fired weapons that require stealth and patience to use) to be against the ery soul of the Caitian people, others see them as a forward-looking clan using 'modern' tools to keep in touch with their ancient heritage. She's a pretty good markswoman.
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Zala as a soldier mostly relies on replicated food. But vatka usuall prefers real food since replicated one is only reminding her of all that time when she was just a small time smuggler.
Erika enjoys cooking, and uses non-replicated foods whenever possible, especially when cooking. Its seems more...real, and authentic that way.
Osi grows tea and dries the leaves himself, and never has them replicated. If he can't grow them he imports the leaves. He also loves gahg, so in order to get the feeling of them squirming they have to be real. All other food is good replicated.
Duncan comes from an Island off the coast of Scotland, still controlled by the McLean clan. It’s a bit of a backwater, and hasn’t fully converted to replicated food sources mostly out of tradition, and sheer stubbornness. His parents are farmers, sheep being their primary livestock. Duncan has had homemade dishes such as haggis, scotch eggs, and shepherds pie, and has a fondness for traditionally made scotch, and single malt whiskey. While he understands that some might see it as barbaric, he personally prefers the real deal to the replicated facsimiles. He keeps quiet about his preferences unless asked specifically however, as there’s no need to make anyone uncomfortable over it. Though he has voiced his displeasure at the quality of some of the replicated beverages at the station bar.
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Lev is a bartender, and as such sees non-replicated alcohol as far superior to their replicated counterparts. Because of this, he only serves the good stuff when he's tending bar on DS13, and he's happy to sample new liquors and such when he visits other worlds on diplomatic missions. He also prefers non-replicated food, being a bit of an amateur cook as well, but he's not as picky there.

Somek has discerned no real difference in quality between replicated and non-replicated foods, but he prefers replicated because of the impact that non-replicated foods, specifically meats, have on sentient life. All other things being equal, he would prefer to minimize that impact, as well as the environmental impact of mass food production (insofar as it still exists). The needs of the many...

Sorik grew up under traditional Ferengi parents on a remote mining colony, so which type of food was preferred was governed by local economics. Whichever had the greater cost-to-quality ratio was what was eaten. As a result, Sorik doesn't really have a preference in general, but usually eats replicated because of it's unlimited (and free) availability on station. When it's not free, it's quality tends to be somewhat subjectively colored by its cost.
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Hercule is a gourmand, he loves life and its pleasures and food is a large part of it so he greatly enjoys refined and high-quality food; thus, he consideres non-replicated food infinitely superior. Part of this attitude is his habit of cooking his own meals as much as possible, or at least, whenever he cannot find a renowned chef and, in preparing a good dish, the ingredients and their freshness is paramount.

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