Help a fella out? (MU)

To: Praetor Nimitz, A. ((@Nimitz)
From: CAPT. Konieczko, D.
Subj: Confidential – BS Argo

To the Esteemed Praetor of Tzenketh,

I have been tasked with the updating or scrapping of the Imperial Battle Fleet based out of Battle Station Argo. Your holding of Tzenketh has proved your vast knowledge of shipbuilding and for this reason you have been recognized by Admiral Perim to be an asset.

We would invite you to Battle Station Argo, here you would be granted access to several of our facilities. In exchange you would be asked to assist in the advancement of our battle fleet.

I am certainly open to discussing whatever ideas you may have to make this a fair arrangement.

Captain Dmitri Konieczko
Commanding Officer,
Battle Station Argo

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To: CAPT D. Konieczko
CC: ~
From: Praetor A. Nimitz
Subj: RE: Confidential

Captain Konieczko,

Unfortunately my duties prevent me from being away from Tzenketh for an extended period of time. However, as you are aware, the system of Tzenketh is home to the largest frontline Fleetyard in the Empire, perhaps even the largest outside of Terra itself. The Fleetyard is well equipped with legions of the latest Jurati A900 Synth models, as such, I would welcome a chance to discuss with you a rotating refit schedule for the Battlefleet without compromising the Empire’s security within the Fleet’s Sphere of Operations.

Currently I am in orbit of the Battlestation onboard the newest dreadnought that has been commissioned from my own fleetyard, the ISS Leviathan. Should you wish to meet before I must depart the system by tomorrow evening, I shall await your arrival.

Praetor Alistair Nimitz
Military Governor of the Tzenketh sector