Hey, everyone.

It's me. I know I haven't been on in forever- and I've got an explanation for that.

I just.. lost interest in my characters. I loved Oliver as a character, but I kind of hated the storyline I gave him. In retrospect, it felt rather.. well, stupid. And it kind of slowly poisoned my interest in STO in general. That, and my life got pretty busy. I met a girl, school picked up, et cetera.

But I want to get back into all this, if you'll have me. I'm planning on starting a new character, and would love to have him join Task Force Argo.
Hello Oliver, it's good to hear from you! You would be welcome back with open arms. Whenever your life settles enough that you have time to get the ball rolling with that, just get in touch with us again.
Ooollliiiivveeeerrrrrrrrr :3 :3
Welcome back.