Hollik Gabu


Hollik Gabu


Species: Saurian
Born: 2386.001, Sauria
Died: N/A
Affiliations: Federation, Starfleet
Federation Citizen Number: 7947-2985-0927S
Spouses: None
Children: None
Profession: Security Officer, Starfleet; Assigned to Deep Space Nine

-Graduated from Starfleet Academy with degrees in Tactical Fleet Operations
-Assigned to the USS Zarek as a ship security officer
- Promoted to Lieutenant
-Assigned to Deep Space Nine: Docking Security Officer

Born on the species home world of Sauria, Hollik had a standard saurian upbringing.
His father, Fabar Gabu was a former Starfleet non-commissioned officer and Hollik had
dreams from early childhood of attending Starfleet academy.

In 2403 he attended the academy, graduating 2407. He was commissioned an ensign in
Starfleet Security Operations. His first assignment was on the USS Zarek, a local patrol
craft in the Sierra sector. Upon promotion to the rank of Lieutenant, Hallik was reassigned
to Deep Space Nine where he took over Docking Security Operations.

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