I once (almost) caught a fish that was THIS big!

Murphy beams in singing: "-for centuries in the penitentiaries we only had our songs!
Murphy clicks her tongue and finger pistols the transporter operator. "Chief!”
Murphy brightens up seeing her friend, “Jonny!” she beams.

Sandford reads his PADD, the box on the table, next to a glass of something rust coloured.

Murphy spins the chair full circle before plopping down.

Sandford looks up, then blinks, noticing her new hair colour. “Oh, hello?” He says. “Are you Addie’s evil sister?” He jokes.

Murphy grins. “You might say that I suffer Addie’s evil twin’s compulsions.” She brushes her hair. “Whatcha think?” she asks timidly.

Sandford: “Oh you do? I look forward to suffering those compulsions you speak of.” He winks, then sips, giving her hair another appraising look. “It’s gorgeous, just like the head its attached to.”

Murphy smiles in relief. “Yeah? Oh good. I had done it once before years ago…but I gotta say I think I like it better this time around.”

Sandford “What prompted the change? Do you expect me to go blonde?” He smirked.

Murphy: "It’s funny, My other two sisters are dark haired, the oldest a redhead, but they always envied my natural blond.”

Sandford: “Oh, they envied a lot more than that about you, I’m sure.” He says.

Murphy: "What prompted it? Well…was a little down a few days ago. Turned out to be for not, but by then I has committed my hair to a sullen look.

Murphy notices the box. “I see you got your gift.” she smiles.

Sandford: “A little down?” He asks worriedly. "Why?”

Murphy: "Had a little too much fun at the Winter Social.”

Sandford: “Oh?” He smiles, then picks up the box. “I did get my gift. Thank you.” He smiles at her. "And a little too much fun, you say? So why were you down?”

Murphy: “Shame.” She segues back to the gift. "I’ll have you know that that came all the way from home. Not replicated.

Sandford opens the box then gently takes it out. "Even if it was replicated, I’d treasure it just the same.

Murphy: “You’d had better not have!” she teases. "I only have a few of those left. A gift from my grandmother on my confirmation.”

Sandford: “Only a few of these left, eh? You running out of suitors or something?” He smirks.

Murphy laughs. “That’s right! Only a few sands left in the hourglass.” She laughs again.

Sandford: “Well, I’d better stay visible in the crowd of admirers.” He laughs, then looks at her. "You not going to tell me why you were sad?”

Murphy: “Well, I didn’t do anything that terrible. But was certainly less restrained and professional than I probably should have been. Felt pretty ashamed the day after.” She starts chuckling. "I did get in a little trouble with security in the middle of the card game. That I actually look back on fondly.”

Sandford: “Seems I missed something!” He chuckles. “What did you get up to, Miss Murphy?” He grins at her.

Murphy: “I was puffing on this smoking device I bought off a civilian trader that called the station. Some sort of vapor thing. Well,” she leans toward Sanford taking a storytelling posture, “This was about halfway into the game…I had been getting garbage hands all night. Throwing everything away. Had gotten down to about 45% of my chipstack. I eventually won two tepid pots bringing me up to about 140% my starting stack all the while puffing and blowing smoke rings out of this thing.”

“Next hand. Pocket Queens. One of them a diamond. I checked through to play it cool and sleep on it and not scare anyone out the hand, right? A couple of players stay in for the flop.”

“Bam!" Addie exclaims a bit too loud while slapping the table. "Two diamonds drop on the flop. One of them is the King. So now I start raising. Modestly. -I don’t want to scare anyone out the pot yet and I can’t be too confident my flush is going to materialize.”

“All of a sudden there’s a shadow cast from over my shoulder. I turn around and there’s some security Lieutenant breathing down my neck. Meanwhile some of the players fold against my raise, two call, including the Klingon woman on my right. Ha’jah, I think her name was. -and I understand she has a rep for skinning people at the card table.”

Sandford listens, enraptured.

Murphy “ ‘May I help you?’ I say to the LT. You know, annoyed. I thought he was trying to catch a glimpse at my cards.

Sandford: "And he wasn’t?”

Murphy: "Meanwhile, Ha’jah raises against my raise. ‘Ensign can you tell me what that is’ he starts lecturing, pointing at my vapor device. So I’m looking back and forth from the card table to the Lieutenant trying to follow what’s going on between them both.”

Murphy covers her mouth laughing at the recollection. "I call the Klingon. He’s still chirping about how I almost got sprayed by the fire retardant foam prevention system or something…everyone else folds out. ‘Uh, what. Er. Yeah. Sure.’ I’m placating whatever the Lieutenant was still knocking on about.”

“Then Bam!" Addie slaps the table again. "Another diamond on the turn!”

Sandford laughs. “Did you get hauled off?”

Murphy pantomimes the Lieutenant with rigid authority, " ‘Ma’am. Blah blah blah…only designated areas…blah blah blah.’ Just me and the Klingon. I’ve got a Queen high flush and the King is on the board!”

Sandford sips, stifling another chuckle.

Murphy: "Only the Ace of diamonds can beat me. And with six other people dealt in the hand, there’s NO WAY she’s got the ace.”

Murphy resumes her impression of the officer. " ‘I’ll need to write you up on a formal report for…blah blah blah…’ I raise. Ha’jah goes all in. At this point she had about three or four thousand to my fourteen hundred. So I’m salivating! I’m about to double my chips and then some.”

Murphy laughs. "I go all in. The river drops. Diamond. I turn over my cards amid my disciplinary action. She turns over hers…”

Murphy grabs Sanford’s drink and takes a blind gulp. "SHE HAS THE BLOODY ACE OF DIAMONDS!” Murphy laughs hysterically. "I. was. LIVID.”

Sandford: “WHAT? HOW?” He yells back, then laughs.

Murphy: "I turn to the Lieutenant enraged. ‘I blame you!’ I yell at him. I throw the bloody device at him and continue berating: ‘My first decent hand of the night I gotta juggle it with your asinine grievance!’

Sandford eyes widen.

Murphy:" ‘Ma’am!’ he starts sternly. ‘I’ll need your name for my report.’ ‘Disgraced Ensign Adelaide Mary Murphy!’ I deride back to him."

Murphy: “Jonny I threw my name at him like a stone!” she continues laughing.

Sandford: “So, you’ve been written up, have you? I bet the officer was that Loxton guy. He seems uptight!” He shakes his head.

Murphy shakes her head. "I can’t imagine what Counselor Sedai was thinking. I only met her once briefly before.”

Sandford: “Oh, I imagine she thinks of you as saner than the rest of us!”

Murphy: “Well, at that point I was out of the game. The officer starts heading out the room and I realize the scene I just made. So I get up and chase him down to apologize and that I knew he was just doing his job, yadda yadda. Not to try and lessen the severity of his report but to…”

Murphy grins devilishly, reaches up under her uniform top and retrieves a small alien vaping device stowed in her bra. "…but to get my smoke back!”

Murphy cackles.

Sandford: “You stole it off him?” He laughs.

Murphy: "Naw he gave it back when I apologized and made the appeal that I would be needing it after my loss to use in a ‘designated area’.

Sandford: “Oh, your charm can melt anybody!” He grinned.

Murphy hums to herself proudly. "And then I sat around the table all night drinking. Real hooch too! That’s a real bar up there on the embassy level.”

Sandford: "I’ve never been, but I imagine it’s top shelf stuff up there.”

Murphy nods affirmatively. "I’d never been up there before either. -Not to mention the good doctor Jarnefelt gave a mug of something stiff when we first sat down. So you can imagine; I was feeling beautiful, rich, and bullet-proof all night.”

Sandford: “Which perfectly describes you! So, what else happened?” He grinned, leaning closer. "Did you get into any more trouble? Or did trouble get into you?”

Murphy: “Nothing real specific after that. Just me sitting on the back of a chair as the remaining players duked it out. Probably running off at the mouth more than I should have been…God, I think there were at least three department heads at that table. Helluva first impression to make.” Addie shakes her head bashfully.

Murphy: “So in my impetuous hangover that followed I resolved to dye my hair and be a ghost on this station for the rest of my career. -which you can see didn’t last too long.” she chuckles.

Sandford: “They probably loved your spirit as much as I do.” He says. “And ghosts are easy to ignore, Addie Murphy isn’t!” He chuckles.

Murphy bursts into a song,

"I was sickened nigh to death, and vowed with every breath,
to walk in wisdom’s path, as I saaaaaaaailed.
But my repentance lasted not. My vows I soon forgot.
Oh, damnation was my lot, as I saaaaaaaaailed!”

Murphy takes another swig from his drink.

Sandford listens to her, smiling.

"My name was Captain Kidd, as I sailed, as I sailed.
Oh my name was Captain Kidd, as I saaaaaaailed.
My name was Captain Kidd, and God’s laws I did forbiiiiiiiiiiiid!
And most wickedly I did, as I saaaaailed!”

Murphy finishes his drink. “So…” she chuckles. "How was your day?”