Icebreaker Morale Meetings: Signup Sheet


Hi, we've had some new members join recently, so I figured this is worth re-instating in a slightly more formal way.

ICly, the psych department holds regular icebreaker morale meetings. Officers may attend on a voluntary or on a mandatory basis (i.e. if you OOCly want to go, but you think your character be the sort to not want to). These are OOCly designed to give characters a setting to introduce themselves to others besides ye olde bar trek. (not that there's anything wrong with that, but mixing it up is always a positive thing.)

This is AIMED AT NEW CHARACTERS TO FLEET. Please post below with the name of the character who you want to attend in order to sign up. When we have 4-5 participants interested, I will work on scheduling an event that works for the involved and the event time will be publicized. Other (non-new) members may decide to bring a character then, if they wish.
Bump again, with altered instructions, looking for new crop of chars to do this for.
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Comm. Teryk
I assume you want actually new people. Cause I have a new character even if I'm not new.
Shiarrael's curiousity couldn't keep her away.
I should like to attend on Caspius (although it would need to be mandatory).
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I tend to only bump and start sign ups when there're new members, but no, it's open to all new characters.

I do reserve the right to prioritize scheduling for new members, also.