Ideas for Improving Morale

To: RADM @Konieczko , D.
CC: - -
From: LT Valore, S.
Subj: Ideas for Improving Morale


Due to the current lack of crises our office is pressed with, I have decided to draft ways in which morale could be improved. I have the following for you, sir. With your permission, I shall begin implementing the lot.

  1. A dinner between you, RDML Quint, and CAPT Varley to increase cohesiveness between the highest echelons of the command structure.

  2. LCDR Shan’s previous attempts at teaching interpretive dance have been recorded as positive. I would recommend continuing having him schedule further classes.

  3. Invite more ice cream companies to DS13 to set up shops and increase morale after dinner.

  4. Scheduling a meet-and-greet between you and lower ranking officers. Not anything substantive, but meeting you and doing that thing humans like to in which they wrangle each others’ hands has been shown to increase morale amongst some species.

  5. With your permission, I can conduct a few low-level overtures in the JSI’s direction to increase effectivness and cohesion.

I can handle the bureaucracy of arranging them, sir. Your time is better spent with the far more vital matters of commanding the fleet.

LT Valore, S.
Administrative Yeoman
Office of Rear Admiral Konieczko