If TFA were Superheroes....

I thought i'd make this thread, and have us post which superhero(or villain) we think our characters
would be if they were to be there.(Try to post a cool picture too....and a tribute video if you can)

Can be from the Marvel, DC, Darkhorse or any other universes.

In other words....post your characters Superhero equivilent in this thread!

You can explain why you chose that hero/villain for your character, but you don't have to, and i'm not going to explain mine.

So without further ado....

Areyis is....



Modryn Odras is...



It's debatable what classifies as a "Superhero" But this provided me with quite frankly the most
entertaining half an hour searching I've done - as of recently anyway.

As I said ^ there, it's debatable what you would consider a superhero, but I went along the
idea of the set genres, and then added to my decision what I actually thought of the character
and then of course ultimately adding in and weighing up the said characters towards Coby.
While it isn't perfect, and I wouldn't say Coby is anywhere near as dark as this character, I do
feel they share similar morals and traits. Especially prior to Coby's Starfleet endeavors.

None the less - I came up with Rorschach {Watchmen - DC}


Now, perhaps a few of you are suddenly going "... Well, hang on a minute, Rorschach?" As I said again,
I wouldn't say Coby is as close to the dark end of the spectrum, compared with Rorschach, but the whole
"Good must prevail, no matter the costs - " attitude, *Well, more of a "Evil must DIE." type thing.* especially
with the idea that Rorschach can't quite settle until something is finished, and even then - still feels exceptionally
uncomfortable with the ever ongoing life around him. :Glares Through Conference Room Glass Pane: - along
with the idea that towards the end, anyone can "break" if the strain is too much, hence why Coby now prefers
to remain from internal conflict and watch/report from afar.

Anyhow- Have a tiny... ~thing for your troubles.
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+20 points to Coby. I <3 Rorschach.

I'd participate in this if I could, but I have noooo ideas on any of my characters.
Does slenderman count as a superhero?
Does slenderman count as a superhero?

You can do Villains and monsters. xD

Also in response to Coby....


I have a good idea for Skyler's character. Just a suggestion.


Maria Hill, Commander of Shield.(Currently Director of Shield with Nick Fury incognito)

Gideon = Cable.
More familiar with Marvel so all mine are from there.

Tanis = basically cyborg Captain America, with a few more phycological issues.
Tal'Ahnay = more or less Weasel. I really hope he doesn't run into anyone like Deadpool. I don't think he could take the emotional trauma. :p
Williams = closest I can think of is Maria Hill at the moment. I'll give it more thought.
Jerin Taral = more or less generic S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent team leader. Or if you wanna go more badass, James Rhodes WITHOUT the War Machine armor.

And my Klink Korath? = Moon Knight, minus the crazy Egyptian god talking to him as voices in his head.
Also, just another suggestion.

This one is for Razor.


Gambit isn't fuzzy and furry.

But - He is a Thief, Rogue, Ladies Man, has red eyes, and is Loved by everyone.