Incident Report: King, Areyis

The events around Razor and Quean have caused quite a stir but this report is a conversation that took place between the current Fleet Commander Captain Noah Ryan and Captain Areyis King

[quote=Areyis: My position as it has always been, as a Captain within the fleet. The Mabel is currently assigned to patrol Outpost Argo for any possible threats, and to check suspicious freighters.
Noah: Agreed. At what point where you appointed internal fleet security
Noah: go have a cup of coffee Lt. I will speak to you in a moment
Areyis: looks back to Noah
Noah: that wasnt a suggestion Lt.
Noah: I am looking for an answer Mr. King
Areyis: At no point was I officially appointed internal security, Captains have collectively been insuring the security.
Areyis: I have had no superior authority.
Noah: Agreed. But I got your message about interrogating Ms. Quean and was curious why it would be you that had to do it
Areyis: Captain Quaen has assisted Commodore Razor in betraying all of Outpost Argo, and may have had motives or reasons we are not aware of. It is essential that we become aware of them.
Areyis: It is my belief that a Vulcan mind meld is a certain way to make sure we acquire all information we need.
Noah: and you have undeniable proof that she assisted Mr. Razor
Areyis: Upon reading the report, you will see security footage of what occured. Even when the Captains who saw Razors criminal actions tried to stop him, she refused to lend aid, and used her authority
Areyis: When Captain Sophie finally stunned her in order to try to get at Razor, he had already disengaged defenses of all ships, and made his escape.
Noah: I saw the footage, what I saw was some one who whole heartedly believed that this was a drill and that he was testing us. I have known Razor long enough to know that he would go to those lengths to make people second guess, She was detained and is under base arrest pending a trial, but You do not have undeniable proof that she was part of it do you?
Areyis: With all due respect, the entire fleet's defenses do not go offline simply because of a drill..
Areyis: But you are correct, the proof is not entirely undeniable. Noah: So then why did you take it upon yourself to force a mindmeld
Areyis: raises an eyebrow
Areyis: Are you speaking in the past tense?
Noah: Yes, what brought you to that decsion that You had to do it
Areyis: At no point have I yet performed a Mind Meld upon Captain Quaen
Areyis: I would be required to perform it....because I am the only Vulcan
Areyis: looks to the bridge of the conference room, and back to Noah
Noah: I see, so because your Vulcan that means that you have to do it and not some one who is court appointed from Starfleet?
Noah: Dont you think it might be considered a conflict of interest to have some one with in the fleet do it?
Areyis: Interesting, do you suggest that perhaps I have bias? Or that it would cause conflict by other means?
Noah: I am suggesting that you are putting yourself into a position that you were not authorized to be put in.
Areyis: Interesting, perhaps you are correct. However, I had not put myself in any position that I was not authorized to, otherwise my actions would be insubordinate, and i would not have requested permission Areyis: At no point would I take initiative without proper procedure.
Noah: Starfleet Protocal indicates that a Captain is to be investigated by Peers or Superior officers from outside the fleet not with in, You could have caused any information you retrieved to be in admissable
Noah: If that were to happen anything else would have been pointless
Areyis: Which is why I had requested permission first of course. Your words however, are quite logical. I had made an error. I shall reconsider my actions.][/quote]