Intelligence File - Senator Zdef

Date unknown

Name: Zdef
Rank: None
Species: Reman
Occupation: Senator of the Imperial Romulan Senate

Zdef forms part of a small core of like minded Remans who feel that the Romulan Star Empire have their best interests at heart and who protects all it's citizens. It's quite baffling to most outsiders although some scholars and psychologists believe this is wholly possible.

A politician to the core, Zdef began his career as a low ranking attache to the Imperial Diplomatic Corps., where he was usually given assignments most considered either too dangerous or too politically insignificant. It wasn't until the start of the Iconian War that Zdef started to move up within the Corps. serving as a liaison to the Romulan Ambassador to Qo'noS. It was in this post that Zdef's political career began to take off by establishing close ties to the House of Duras (a long time on and off again ally to the Star Empire) and eventually forming close ties with the political elite of the Kobali.

At the height of the Iconian War, the Klingon home world was attacked and the capital itself, severely damaged. The Imperial embassy located in inside the High Council building including other embassy's, was destroyed, along with most of it's staff and the Ambassador himself. Zdef survived the attack and was subsequently rescued by a Republic ship in the vicinity. Suffering from head trauma and other injuries, the Republic ships doctor's treated Zdef, not knowing his allegiances was subsequently released from their care at the nearest Alliance starbase.

Eventually, Zdef was picked up by an Imperial starship which had suffered extensive damage in it's battles with the Iconians and the occasional run-ins with Republic ships, the vessel was essentially stranded in enemy space for the duration of the war, surviving however they could.

At the close of the Iconian War, Zdef returned to Rator to hand in his formal report on destruction of the embassy on Qo'noS, the death of the Ambassador and his survival. Lost in the bureaucracy of the Empire, Zdef was shuffled around low level diplomatic posts across what was left the Empire's holdings up until the first elections for Imperial Senate since the end of conflict.

It is here that Zdef's political acumen came to the forefront in running a successful campaign, first under the Imperialist party and then as Independent after a failed assassination attempt on his life by members of his own party. Just days before the election, the two leading candidates of the Imperialist Party and the Reman Worker's Party were assassinated in two separate shuttle incidents, thus leaving Zdef the sole candidate left. With the election won and with the blessing of the Empress (allegedly) Zdef became Senator to the Imperial Senate.
The following was an intercepted and decoded video transmission which has now been added to this intelligence file. The date is unknown and the whereabouts of those involved is currently unknown.

Begin Transmission

*Senator Zdef approaches the makeshift podium located in the middle of the cargo bay. A hush falls over those gathered*

My fellow Rihannsu, it has been several months since we left our home of Rator III and while our mission has now concluded, I stand before you today to make an announcement.

*The crew of the IRW Indagator listens attentively*

The state of political affairs of our once great empire is in turmoil. To use the Terran expression, it's like the fall of Rome in our beloved home. It's every man for himself, loyalties change by the day and political intrigue and assassinations are rampant. The remainder of our once great fleets stand guard outside orbit but for how long, for how long I ask you. Many of our ships have received years of battering with little to no maintenance, most officers keep their families aboard their ships, ready to leave at a moments notice whether it's to surrender or defect to the various powers which surround us. The proud Indagator is no different, many of you have their families aboard this vessel, something almost unheard of up until a few years ago, these are extraordinary times.

My mission, was secret up until this moment. Over the years, the Indagator has provided for my security and safe passage through the quadrant, this ship and crew has served me well and it was in gratitude of this service that I have undertaken this unsanctioned mission. For the rumors are true, I am a wanted fugitive by our government. I have served the Romulan people and senate faithfully and to the utmost of my abilities but the writing is on the wall and because I owe a debt to this ship and crew, I have done what I did and I do not regret it. As your Captain can confirm, we've traveled through hostile territory on a clandestine mission to make contact with some of my personal Klingon contacts. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I've negotiated with the Klingons, the formal handing over and surrender of the IRW Indagator to the Klingon Empire.

*The crew breaks out in a ruckus of various responses spread across the spectrum of Romulan emotions. Zdef can be seen trying to calm the crowd down as he resumes to speak*

My proud and faithful Rihannsu, I feel your pain, understand that this was not an easy decision but a necessary one. Through my contacts in the Klingon High Council, the Duras Family have given their personal assurances that this crew and ship will receive protected status. This ship will not see a Klingon target practice field and this crew will not see the inside of a prison, not now, not ever!

*The crew applauds though there are still some voices of resent among the clapping*

No one could ever say that the IRW Indagator did not fulfill it's duties to the Romulan people and to our beloved Empress. In a few days time we shall be escorted by some Klingon ships but please don't be alarmed for they are friends. We shall fly into Klingon territory loyal to the the Duras in which we shall formally hand over the IRW Indagator to the Klingon Empire. In a show of goodwill, the Klingons shall return to us the Indagator, reborn the IKS Indagator.

*Several can be seeing crying and hugging each other as some approach the podium, stopped short by security, what is said cannot be heard but Zdef is seeing attempting to calm down those who attempted to break through security. He is then seen stepping down and informing security to let those pass. After a brief and seemingly hostile confrontation, Zdef can be seeing hugging and consoling those few Romulans. Zdef returns to the podium.*

My brothers and sisters, it has been an honor being your guest aboard this vessel and shall remain with you for the duration of the trip, after the formal handover of the Indagator, my fate shall be in the hands of the Klingons. Please, never forget who you are or where you come from and regardless of the prefix attached to this vessel, remember that you are and forever will be true sons and daughters of the Romulan Star Empire.

*Zdef can be seen stepping down the podium, consoling several of the officers and crew as he makes his way out of the cargo bay*

End Transmission
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