Intelligence Reports on CMDR Faerith

TO: Ashworth, Randall CMDRE Task Force Argo United Federation of Planets
CC: Task Force Argo Senior Personnel; United Federation of Planets Foreign Diplomatic Liason Office
FROM: Tel'anore, Renn ADM, 7th Special Operations Group, Romulan Republic High Command
SUBJECT: Disposition and Intelligence on CMDR Faerith

Commodore, and our other allies in Task Force Argo (TFA) and various branches of the United Federation of Planets (UFP), first and foremost I would like to extend a warm greeting and promotion of continued cooperation between our two peoples. One of our top priorities is the continued cooperation and joint operations between our two forces, even when times are strained. Your openness in promoting joint excercises and operations speaks highly of your personnel and it has not gone unnoticed.

The purpose of this message is to further promote cooperation by bringing to your attention our latest intelligence report on a Romulan commander assigned to Task Force Argo, Commander Faerith. Our latest scouts and operatives have determined that she had infiltrated Voth space via the Dyson Sphere and remained there for an undetermined amount of time. Recently, she had reportedly been sited in the reclamation shipyards over New Romulus, though confirmation could not be established. Reports indicated that she was attempting to salvage the wreckage and hulk of her former command, the I.R.W. Dawn of Autumn. Some time later, operatives were able to confirm that Commander Faerith had indeed recovered the wreck and, utilizing the Obelisk and drones she had obtained, managed to restore it to working order with salvaged Borg technology.

Recently, the Obelisk she had appropriated, the Reconciliation, has disappeared. Our intelligence personnel believe it has been stashed at an unknown location. Attempts at locating the vessel are underway. Latest movements of the refurbished I.R.W. Dawn of Autumn show that Commander Faerith has been concentrating on conducting hit and run operations, most likely a shakedown, in neutral territory leaving behind an undisclosed amount of raider casualties and destroyed outposts, all confirmed to be pirates. All reports indicate that Faerith is still loyal to the Republic as well as Task Force Argo, however she has not responded to any hails placed within communications satalites, nor has she attempted to contact superiors. Her latest maneuvers have placed her within Task Force Argo space.

Attempts are underway to make contact and apprehend Commander Faerith. However, should TFA or UFP personnel locate or make contact with Faerith first, authorization has been granted that she be placed under Federation arrest and detained by TFA, as she is still currently under their command.

Commadore, senior officers, and other UFP personnel, thank you for your time. I look forward to continuing working closely with Task Force Argo, as well as the Federation of Planets.


Tel'anore, Renn
ADM, 7th Special Operations Group
Romulan Republic High Command