Investigate Liberty Brigade Compound

A recent anti-terror operation has found Starfleet in possession of the headquarters of The Liberty Brigade. The compound has been secured and a secondary team is being assembled to search for intelligence within.


GM / OOC Contact: @bobisgod171

IC Location: Eledri Prime (oocly fleet spire)

OOC Requirements: Need at least one officer each from Intelligence and Security. Will schedule to accommodate the first two appropriate responders to this thread. Others are welcome to attend, time permitting.

OOC Notes: This assignment will be mostly open-ended. There will be various things to find and poke at, both important and trivial. Any information you gather and report back to command will influence future events in this chain.
Does it have to be current security? or would a background in Security work?
I'll have Lieutenant Capello give it a go.
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I would love to attend but I won't be back from the Medieval Congress until 15 May, and there's no reason to wait on my account.
I'm interested, but neither security nor intelligence. So I'm not important aside from standing around as eye candy.
I'm in the same situ as Konie, happy to tag along but I'm neither security or intel.
When is it at?