Investigate Smuggling Ring [DS13 Intel]

Commander T'Press has requested an intelligence review of the SS Quazna case. An Intelligence Officer is being assigned to continue the interrogation of the freighter's captain and crew, specifically, with the goal of uncovering any additional information that may assist with tracking down other members of the smuggling ring. Once the investigation is complete, Captain Perim has requested a briefing and recommended course of action.


GM / OOC Contact: @bobisgod171 and @rom71#7417

IC Location: Deep Space 13

OOC Requirements: Looking for one DS13 Intelligence Officer who is willing to arrange at least two RPs with different players.

OOC Notes: Contact @rom71#7417 to interact with the freighter crew, then @bobisgod171 for the briefing with Perim. You do not have to complete both RPs on the same day. First reply here gets the assignment.